The most “rampant”: Brasserie Paris Longchamp

The terrace. Big blow of heart for this open-handed of den, chic paddock brasserie, in the depths of the hippodrome of Longchamp, applicant, between green grass and green forest, a privilege of the tables under an umbrella. On race days, garden in the garden even offers to discover the horses on to the round of presentation without ever leaving his plate.

The plate. Good spirit, good train, a kitchen with the rope of the classic brasserie, solid on its support (net) fast and good at home (French fries fresh, real béarnaise, tartare really the knife).

Full sun. The public such as the club, the hats of these ladies and gentlemen, the service lovely, and the impression you leave on a weekend, even in the midst of the week.

shadow Zone. Off the lost bets in the 3rd and 4th races, we are still looking for…

Brasserie Paris Longchamp. Hippodrome …

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