A rain of stars falls on the city of Bordeaux. It is not a year without opens a luxury hotel and 2019 starts strong with the arrival of a new five-star hotels: The Palais Gallien. The maneuver, a family of the cru, the owner of the addresses of charming the Boutique Hotel Bordeaux and The Waves, a mythical 3-star on the Arcachon basin, in the midst of a revamp. This time, the group The Boutique Hotels Collection has invested in to the delightful mansion of a shipowner from bordeaux in the late Nineteenth century, the architectural balance perfect, with just the right amount of frills and solemnity. At the bottom of a garden courtyard to which leads a monumental hall, we find, amazed, a swimming pool… right in the city centre! It boggles.

Lounges and intimate ground-floor, gourmet table in the garden led by a talented quadra, Younesse Bouakkaoui, trained with Thierry Marx and Jean-Luc Rocha. The 22 rooms and suites, half of them, a private terrace with outdoor jacuzzi. The decor discreet is almost a no-fault, with the exception of the lighting (swatch review). On the wall, a wallpaper black and white, printed crowns and maxims in Latin, or mulch in trompe-l’oeil granted to the woodwork olive-green or carmine red. A headboard studded comes to awaken the whole, a bit like a note of rock-and-roll in a universe symphony. A large staff, young and attentive it gives heart and joy to beat the cozy atmosphere of this palace of pocket.

La Boca, a foodcourt located in the former slaughterhouse. SDP A foodcourt in a former slaughterhouse.

In response to this opening, another place sees the light of day, destination of the millennials in bordeaux. This is La Boca, a foodcourt located in the former slaughterhouse, on the quai de Paludate, a district once dormant, now in a phase of reconquest.

We find, in an industrial building of 1938, 14 corners sorted on the pane and many of which are already renamed. It is a bar to chirashis held by Maruya, the institution in bordeaux-style sushi, or the Winds and Tides, a famous fishmonger’s passed now to the restaurants, among other examples.

We have lunch or we have dinner on the long and beautiful massive wooden tables under a vaulted cathedral, pierced by shards of the bottle. No circulation of currency in the canteen of luxury. It downloads the amount of his or her choice on a dedicated card – or a smartphone via an internet application, with which on currency purchases. In a corner, a wall of beer created the event. Dared, to the wine country. Beautiful and cheap, so it’s very chic, the place where one can have dinner together more than 350 people exudes a friendliness restraint. Whispers without the screams… all of Bordeaux.

Hotel Palais Gallien( Rooms from 200 to 800 €. The Boca FoodCourt, around 15 € excluding drinks.

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