“A little Pat on the butt has never hurt anyone – and to me.” This supposed wisdom would always be in Germany in the year 2018 is still a lot of people to sign. How wrong it is, now shows in a study of canadian, American and Israeli scientists.

The scientists of the canadian psychology Professor Frank Elgar wanted to know of more than 400,000 adolescents from 88 countries, if your parents will miss you during Childhood, with “punishment methods” such as Shouting, Po Verso or slaps to the face brought up. In the second step, you asked how often the adolescent had had in the past twelve months, physical conflicts with peers.

“What the researchers mean here, are the milder forms of hitting. This may mean a slap in the face, or to place the child over your knee and spank him on the Butt Verso,“ explains Dirk Baier. He directs the Institute for delinquency and crime prevention in Zurich, and says: ‘verbal attacks – Yell at, Threaten, or Offend, and methods such as food deprivation are acts of violence. In many countries, they are not, however, punishable. Why do many countries – even supposedly advanced and enlightened – so hard with such a law?


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