Whether catering or baggage: In the case of the low-cost airline Ryanair will all cost extra. In November, the airline has tightened the rules for hand Luggage in addition. Now only pieces of Luggage that do not exceed the dimensions of 40 x 20 x 25 cm, with the plane. All of the other briefcases, backpacks or Trolleys have to be abandoned. The cost of a minimum of eight Euro.

That was for passenger Lee Cimino too much of a Good thing. The 30-Year-old had booked a flight from Manchester to Belfast, where he wanted to spend a weekend – only to notice that he’s not allowed to take his Trolley even on Board. And so he devised a clever Plan to avoid the new baggage policy of Ryanair.

“I love Ryanair, they have me already everywhere,” he explained in a Video, he held his Trip.

This is for you if you’ve ever been frustrated by Ryanair. This is how you get around the new baggage charges every time. It might even make you smile 😀

Posted by Lee Cimino on Sunday, may 4. November 2018,

“But these recent Changes are too much.” So, the Briton brought his coat to his tailor and asked him to sew as many pockets and compartments the fact that the entire Luggage would fit in, he reported to the British magazine “The Independent”.

Ryanair, the Trick is not thrilled

“This will never work,” he thought, as he tried on the reclaimed coat. But it was worth a shot. He decided on 3. To try November be out of luck.

“pass The Security was not a Problem,” he told the “Independent”. “I put the coat in the bin.” He was very nervous. “But at the Gate I was able to easily get in the plane.”

now the Trick with the coat worked so well, want to Cimino’s try it in the future. “I would not hesitate to do it again or recommend it to others. To me it’s not so much about the money. Because at the end of the flight, you would have to wait otherwise on his Luggage. And so it saves money and time.”

the airport of Sint Maarten, a woman of the aircraft-Turbine blown away: How carelessness cost the life of

Ryanair, however, is of the opinion that the sleight is not at all necessary. “Thanks to our larger free baggage allowance (40% larger), and the cheaper Option to check in the Luggage (eight euros for a piece of baggage weighing up to ten kilograms) allows Ryanair to bring customers everything they need, without you having to like a Michelin man look,” says a spokesman.

In Italy, the competition authority tries already against the cabin Luggage fee. Under the practice, said. To demand more for a “major part of the contract of carriage”, the cost of the actual ticket “misleading” and makes it difficult to compare prices, the authority. Ryanair has, however, announced “immediate appeal” and wants to hold on to the practice. The Airline had explained that they wanted to avoid delays because of the many cabin Luggage suitcase fit in the overhead bin on the plane and Ryanair had to bring in the past, a part is always in the cargo area.


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