A Turkish court has sentenced the since March in Turkey detained Patrick K. from casting because of membership in a terrorist organization to six years and three months in prison. Because he entered a military restricted area, should the 29-Year-old also for a year and eight months in prison, said his lawyer Hüseyin Bilgi the German press Agency (dpa). This part of the sentence had been probation suspended. Bilgi said he will appeal against the judgment. The second negotiation had lasted for less than an hour. The trial was about three weeks ago.

not well-founded Bilgi, according to the judge, the judgment in Detail. It is in Turkey, however, is quite usual, the detailed reasoning will follow later. The judge only said that he had “decided on the basis of the allegations in the files and the Evidence provided,” said Bilgi.

K. the news Agency Anadolu that in March in the Turkish-Syrian border area in a restricted military area, have been arrested. Also the border to Iraq lies in the vicinity. Prosecutors accused K. membership in the in Syria active Kurdish militia YPG. This is an offshoot of the PKK, in Turkey and in Europe as a terrorist organization. According to his family he was Hiking in Turkey.

Turkey – Angela Merkel wants to imprisoned German Chancellor Angela Merkel speak to want to speak with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also Patrick K.. You can track each and every case extensively, said Merkel. © Photo: AP Photo/Petr David Josek

The Prosecutor’s office saw according to the indictment, the possession of the dpa, an “organic connection” between the K. and the terrorist organization. A witness wants to have seen K. in January in a Syrian hospital, where he wore a YPG-Uniform and worked as a physician. His family calls the “bare nonsense”. Their son had been in the time in Germany, had Patrick K.’s mother, Claudia S. said the dpa before the court date. And doctor he was. “Patrick is a skilled carpenter and joiner and later as a courier driver been working.”

Alleged E-Mail

The Prosecutor also referred to an alleged E-Mail in Patrick K.’s cell phone, he should have made contact with the YPG. “I’ll fight for you”, and there was, therefore, in broken English. “I’m a Tourist in Kilis and will going to help you. But I need help. I speak English and German. I am 28 years old and have four years of experience in the German army, so give me a Chance.”

The court date coincides with a visit by Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), in the Turkish government because of the economic crisis in the country high hopes. He also wanted to address the difficult human rights situation in Turkey, said Altmaier. The German, in Turkish custody, he is not likely to avoiding.

In the past year had a series of arrests of German state led to a civil crisis between the two countries. There are “political reasons” but still, five German in prison. Before you do not be free, there would be no normalization of relations, had emphasized the Federal government on several occasions.


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