“Having 50 years has changed nothing: even when he is at 130 % instead of 160, it always goes faster than the other!” This remark of one of his friends, Patrick Roger is amused. He knows himself well. Not the kind to keep under the foot. For thirty-four years that he worked chocolate – “150.000 hours of work”, he can advance in the profession to great strides “with, in the head, still 19 years old!” Of his youth, the chocolatier has retained the energy of a Zebulon unpredictable whose creativity has allowed him to become a star of the profession.

some accuse him of being too extravagant, too big mouth, too greedy… Patrick Roger, he should be admire for his talent and love him for his faults inversely proportional to its qualities – vast. As often is the genius, the man knew how to keep what he had of innocence, madness, to continue to believe in the dreams of a kid impulsive, always acting on instinct at the risk of disturbing the conventions and the …

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