Launched in 2006, the scooter and three-wheeled Piaggio has met with some success: 180 000 copies of this machine were sold around the world. The MP3 Yourban, a version most compact and lightweight of this best-seller, is now replaced by the MP3 300 hpe. Accessible with the car driving licence after completing a training of seven hours, this device gives access to superior performance in a two-wheeled 125 cm3, conduisible under the same conditions.

In terms of styling, only the front is significantly redesigned. It now refers to the classic MP3, the 300 hpe covers the instrumentation. Under the seat, you can store a jet helmet + a ½ jet. For those who wish to drive their machine in the winter, a saddle and heated grips are available as optional extras. The finish “Sport” (+ 200€) includes brake discs before “wave”, shock red, footboards metal and a saddle with red stitching.

The major will be very at ease on the MP3 that offers a lot of space to nest its legs. ALEXANDRE NICOLAS

The first differences you will notice the regulars of the two-wheelers, are the presence of a parking brake as well as a system “Roll lock”. This device allows you to block the front wheels in a vertical position so that the scooter can hold only in equilibrium at the stop. This function is activated manually. You can disconnect yourself, but any way, it will cease to operate from 4 km/h.

If you do not want to use the “Roll lock”, it will suffice to rest the feet on the ground when the machine is off. As on a two-wheeler. The MP3 also provides a brake pedal operated by the right foot, in addition to the two levers classic. It allows you to operate all the calipers simultaneously, but its dosage is not always obvious. It will also need to be careful not to put his foot on it accidentally.

once installed on the handlebar, one realizes that the saddle will be a little high for the small jigs (780 mm high). The greatest, on the other hand, will be very comfortable on the MP3 300 hpe that offers plenty of space to nest its legs. If the conduct of this gear Italian is pretty much the same as a scooter conventional, one will appreciate the stability afforded by the two front wheels. A real treat in the city.

Under the seat, you can store a jet helmet + a ½ jet. DAVID PELL

In terms of comfort, the saddle provides a soft enough and the suspensions filter the road irregularities. A real plus when one is condemned to circulate in the paris region. In our view, the size of the MP3 300 hpe is ideal. It is compact enough to be able to sneak into the city with ease, and sufficiently imposing to not feel too cramped on fast track.

We would have liked a little more bite from the brakes, but the machine had just started its run-in, you can’t ask too much. The engine hpe, a single cylinder 278 cm3 developing 26 hp in the case of this model, is a good surprise. It delivers a sound more manly than a 125 cm3, but knows how to be discreet if need. When the light turns green, he lets the MP3 get off the ground with force, while providing good times on the road. At least up to 90 km/h, a speed that we have not been able to overcome during our test.

about quick turns, if the machine does not balk to take the corner, it will be necessary to keep in mind that the front end is quite heavy to handle. Sold 6 499 euros (6 699 € in version Sport), the MP3 300 hpe is a great vehicle for those who wish to begin the practice of the three wheels. It should particularly appeal to drivers who work in the paris region, but who live in the distant suburbs.

technical Sheet

Engine: single cylinder 4-stroke Piaggio hpe

engine Capacity: 278 cm3

Power: and 26.2 hp at 7 750 tr/min

Couple: 26 Nm at 6 500 tr/min

Cooling: Liquid

transmission: drive automatic CVT with asservisseur torque

Clutch: automatic Centrifugal dry

Frame: double-cradle tubular steel with high resistance

front Suspension: parallelogram articulated – run nominal axial: 95 mm. System electro-hydraulic blocking of the suspension

rear Suspension: double hydraulic shock absorber adjustable preload in 4 positions – race nominal axial: 122 mm

front Brakes: double disc Ø 258 mm

rear Brake: disc Ø 240 mm

brake System: ABS with combined braking the pedal.

saddle Height: 780 mm

tank Capacity: 11 litres

Weight: 225 kg

maximum Speed: 120 km/h

The engine hpe, a single cylinder 278 cm3 developing 26 hp in the case of this model, is a good surprise. DAVID PELL


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