Your main character trait?

I’m a bit bossy…

what is it that makes you happy?

My children. ( Married for three years Beatrice Borromeo, he has two sons, a year and a half and six months, ED.)

What do you do in your spare time?

I look at documentaries, wildlife or historical.

The gift that you would like to have?

The strength of Hercules!

What is your goal in life?

Live out my childhood dreams.

What title would you give to your autobiography?

It is always a bad idea to write an autobiography…

What song could provide the soundtrack to your life?

Smokestack Lightning of the Howling Wolf. It is a song with a great rhythm and I like it.

What is the book you have read?

Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie. This book, very well written, has received a Pulitzer. The story of this man is incredible, his extraordinary power of work and his prodigious thirst for knowledge combined with his passion for boats fascinated me.

And the movie that you can watch in a loop?

The Great house , with Louis de Funès, a parody fantasy of a conservator.

Your hero of fiction do you prefer?

John Snow (one of the main characters of the series Game of Thrones ) and the super-hero Wolverine.

Your heroes in real life?

Eric Tabarly and Mike Horn.

What is your pleasure the more guilty?

A large cool beer.

What is your favorite place in the world?

No matter where when my son jumps on the bed to wake me up.

Your motto?

To choose I would take the one from my country, “Deo juvante” (“With the help of God”). This is the motto of the Grimaldi family, inscribed on the coat of arms.

What are the three things you would save from your burning house?

My knife favorite, an old engraving of Monaco and a shirt of my father.

Who would you invite to a last supper?

My maternal grandfather. What would be the menu? I préparerais a hachis Parmentier. This is my favorite dish. I love France and its cuisine!

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