After the crash of Lion Air flight JT 610 aircraft manufacturer Boeing is under pressure. According to the current state of the investigation, an automated control program has rammed by the machine of the type 737 Max into the sea. Several pilots flying on the relatively new type, to complain that they were not informed of Boeing’s enough about the introduction of the new system and for a possible malfunction has not been trained.

The Boeing model 737 Max, introduced in MCAS-Software (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) to a stall to prevent it. This does not occur at too low a speed, the wings generate enough lift. If the Sensors of the 737 Max to report a flight close to such a tipping of the on-Board computer, lowers the nose of the machine automatically to increase the speed. In the case of the crashed Lion Air flight is a bad flight position Sensor or a faulty Software led to the fact that the onboard computer steered the machine into the sea.

The procedure, like with this incident is to deal, was the pilot of the Lion Air flight, apparently, is not known: the Boeing published this until after the accident in a so-called Operations Manual Bulletin. This indicates to all operators of the 737 Max-the machines to make the process familiar. A day later, the American aviation authority published a notice of urgent airworthiness Directive.

The pilots were unaware

this is where the criticism of the pilots. Dennis original competition, spokesman for the American pilots ‘ Union, Allied Pilots Association (APA), told the Reuters news Agency: “We have not been informed by Boeing that there is this new function. Neither in the briefing for the aircraft type, the flight manual or other documents,” he complains to the manufacturer.

The new Software is necessary because the 737 Max has in comparison to its predecessor, the 737 NG is significantly larger engines. The larger engine nacelles change, apparently, the aerodynamics of the aircraft so that the risk of stalling increases to counteract the effect of the MCAS.

Normally, you must document the aircraft manufacturer such Changes in the Software in the flight manual for the type for the pilots and a failure of such a system for the retraining exercise. Both did not happen in the case of the MCAS in the Boeing 737 Max. Compared to the Reuters news Agency, several pilots of the Max-models confirmed that they heard the crash of the Lion Air-machine of the System, let alone the handling of it would have to be trained.

The permit for the 737 Max so far was relatively short: The American and European authorities sanctioned program consisted of three hours of computer-based Training, as well as a familiarization flight. It is assumed that the Training is well adapted to dealing with the MCAS added.

experts also believe that Boeing will shortly publish an Update of the MCAS Software, the timing for this is still unclear. Boeing would not comment on a possible Update, and the information policy with regard to the MCAS, but was just a General Statement. They are working “closely with the investigating authorities and take all necessary efforts to understand all the interrelationships of the accident, finally”.

A detailed report on the reasons behind the crash, and the technical problems of the Boeing 737 Max can be found here.



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