Tomato, rose bushes, boxwood, agapanthus, hydrangea, orchids…: no less than 371 fact sheets are available free of charge on the website of the topic’s garden Dozens of others are in preparation.

These documents are written by experts on gardening of the national Society of horticulture of France, a partner of the Figaro, are a valuable help for the successful culture of a plant, to know its origins, its characteristics, its requirements of soil and climate, parasite and diseases to watch for, etc

To enable you to find them easily we have classified them by alphabetical order:

• Plants

• Plants (B)

• Plants in C

• Plants (D)

• Plants (E)

• the Plants in the F

• the Plants in the G

• Plants H

• Plants in I

• Plant J

• Plants in K

• Plants in The

• Plants in M

• Plants in N

• Plants O

• Plant P

• Plants R

• Plants S

• Plants in T

• Plants in V

• Plants in W

• Plants X

• Plant Y

• Plants in Z

You can also find the plant of your choice by typing in “Figaro” and the name French or latin of this plant in the Google search engine. Good research and good gardening!


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