The Porsche 910/8 Bergspyder would need to take care of her. Abandoned for 52 long years, this race car tells its story through injuries due to the ravages of time. However, the meteor will not be restored. According to Alexander Klein, in charge of the management of vehicles at the Porsche museum, this car would lose all its originality and its authenticity, if it was reclamation. He also asked that the machine should not be on the road again.

The Bergspyder is not exhibited in the museum for now. Porsche

This is the first time that the museum of the brand from Stuttgart is exposing a race car that has survived his battles on the track, and that has never been touched since. However, the 910/8 Bergspyder will be entitled to some care: it will be processed to keep its present condition without further deterioration. As if time stopped. The last time this machine ran, it was in 1967, during the European Championship of the Mountain, where Gerhard Mitter has led to victory. After this feat, the car was drained of its fluids, and is separated from the battery before starting a long sleep.

Under the hood of the Bergspyder, the point of “flat six”, but an eight-cylinder flat-out 275 horsepower. This may seem light for a beast race, but the weight of the engine being less than 450 kg, its acceleration did not lack pungent: three seconds were sufficient to reach 100 km/h at the wheel of the 910/8. Performance that we will unfortunately not reiterate aboard this machine, which definitely takes his retirement. However, when you listen to Gundula Tutt, an expert in charge of the preservation of this museum piece, the hope is reborn. According to it, all of the substances used can be removed, in case someone would like to resurrect this Porsche to taste his conduct in the future. Do not rush to the museum to see the Bergspyder with your own eyes: it is not exposed for the moment. It is, in effect, preserved for posterity.

Under the hood of the Bergspyder, the point of “flat six”, but an eight-cylinder flat-out 275 horsepower. Porsche


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