The last 911 type 992 is it better than the model it replaces? This is the only question worth in the eyes of the porschistes and fans of sports cars at the time to open the eighth chapter of a career that bordered on insolence. But the 911 has long ceased to be an automobile. It is a monument. A lesson for us humans. Arrival at the threshold of sixty, she still did not believe in retirement. We know that we will continue to grow old together. Without losing sight of the need for the guarantee of the soul and the spirit Porsche to refrain from triggering the wrath of his fans. This is why, for the manufacturer, each change in generation is a high-risk. Where to place the cursor between evolution and reasoned revolution? Even if the trademark seems to have determined in favour of the first option, the type 992 is changing much more than his lines do not leave perceive.

hips widened Rossen Gargolov

not quite the same, nor quite another. A few strokes of the pen accurate enough to modernize the line, unmistakable and enduring of the 911. If the wheelbase is identical to that of the 991, the length won 20 mm and especially the tracks have been widened (+ 45 mm to the front). Add 20-inch wheels at the front and 21 inch at the rear, and you get a car that is larger and seems ready to pounce. Novelty: the rear fenders of the current GTS is identical to the Carrera S and the 4S, it becomes impossible to distinguish between them. Apart from shields-clad in black plastic, the evolution to be the most sensitive regarding the treatment of the back.

Rossen Gargolov

In the light to get away, he will find accents of the Macan with its strip lights connecting lights tapered and its bumper solid. The rear window and the cooling rack incorporating the fire-stop to form a single element. Fans of the 911 will be grateful for wheels optional (+ 2 394 €) and the light signature of LED spotlights, Matrix (+ 2 928 €), which evoke the famous Fuchs wheels for the 911 in the 70’s. The platform 80 % new opens the access to new technologies. This allows him to limit the weight to 50 kilos, incorporating the reduction of 12 kg, the weight of the case thanks to the massive use of aluminium (almost 70 %).

Between tradition and modernity, The treatment of the interior is that of a luxury car. The manual gearbox to 7 reports will only be available at the end of the year. Rossen Gargolov

The first physical contact with the 992 is a mini-disappointment. The fault on to the handles of retractable doors. With the comfort access (+ 552 €), it is enough to approach it so that they unfold. Except that the space available does not offer much in the fingers and the contact with the grip is rough. In contrast, treatment of the interior did not call for praise. The atmosphere is similar to that of the sedans of the mark. The perceived quality is changing but for the sporty flair, it will have to wait for the next GT3. The 992 is converted with happiness at the digital. We find the tablet, curved-discovery on the prototype of the Taycan tried last June. The essential is preserved: in the middle of the two screens customizable throne a huge analog tachometer. The center of the headband of the dashboard is occupied by a touch screen of 10.9 inches. It eliminates the need of an army of buttons, without degrading the usability.

Rossen Gargolov

As is customary at Porsche, the catalogue contains many customization possibilities. The bill can quickly climb to over 150 000 euros if we tick many boxes. The sports seats and the upholstery, while leather is optional. It will be necessary to shell out 5 448 € to access the green agave acclaimed by Wolfgang Porsche. The rims of the plate may be marked in different materials (wood, carbon, aluminium, piano lacquer) and even take the hue of the body. Desired always easier to live with on a daily basis to conquer a new customer, the 911 type 992 multiplies the driving aids. Most remains at the discretion of the client as: adaptive cruise control (1 716 €), monitoring of the angles-the dead (828 €), night vision (2 352 €), reading road signs coupled with the assistance of lane line (1 068 €), parking assistance with rearview camera (1 704 €). The pack Sport Chrono (2 346 €) includes multiple driving modes, and gives access to an application that compiles many circuits in the world, and to become familiar with the layout, but also to record their laps and analyzing various vehicle parameters (lateral acceleration, understeer, oversteer, for example).

Sportiness increased serenity in the rain The rear spoiler is larger. From 170 km/h, it adopts the highest position. Rossen Gargolov

the alarm clock in The flat-six 3-litre biturbo engine is a disappointment. It has lost its tone recognizable among a thousand, to become more hoarse. It is done to forget on the highway, to the detriment of aerodynamic noise at the level of the amounts of the windshield and mirrors. This is the S version of the 450 hp (+ 30 hp), the only one available at launch in march with the new PDK to eight reports. In accommodating an electric motor, the latter prepares for the arrival of plug-in hybrid within three years. We have found it less fast and less well structured than before. This flat-six is equipped with a particulate filter for the clean-up; piezoelectric injectors for combustion. This is not enough, alas not to escape the supermalus and a French tax discriminatory.

The base version will be presented at the end of the year 2019. Rossen Gargolov

a Few kilometres are enough to see that the engineers have managed to push even the limits of the 991, is already stunning in its own way to make the driver talented. Our judgement should, however, be revised in the light of the presence of many options such as the rear wheels guidelines that are involved in agility (+ 2 268 €), the anti-roll bars active (+ 3 240 €) and the sports chassis (+ 948 €). The latter contributes to the maintenance of the fund but should not be foreign to the stiffness of the taring of the shock absorbers. The comfort does not suffer, except on a road very deteriorated. Beyond superior performance – gain of 0.4 of a second to reach 100 km/h and 5 seconds at the circuit justice of the peace of the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring -it was the ease to reach them, which appears impressive. Be able to draw the quintessence of the 911 has its flip side: the consumer has not permitted to exceed 300 km range. It is a little right but Porsche offers as an option (+ 192 €) a storage tank of 90 liters, compared to 64 the serial.

The rear lights of the 992’sinspired by the Macan. Rossen Gargolov

similarly, we cannot too much encourage to invest 348 euros in the rear wiper. As to the choice of weapons (2 or 4S), it will depend on the uses. The propulsion is the most under-opium. The 4S is distinguished by a neutral and traction and higher. In both cases, the 992 tolerate many differences and you will face more hydroplaning and pavement soaked in fear. The 911 is equipped with series of a-mode “rain”. We have tested this system, which detects humidity using sensors in the wheels and which adapts the organs of the vehicle accordingly. Its effectiveness is remarkable. One has the impression of being in a vehicle Scalextric which is provided on its rails at the moment when he would be tempted to drop out.

Our opinion

The support of the hands is so obvious that one quickly forgets the passage of the 992 in the digital age. Factor of peace and security, the effectiveness of the behavior succeeds in progress. And his assurance on the wet pavement, and wet, thanks to the mode “rain”, led to sit still a little more its reputation as the queen of versatility.

technical Sheet


Type: flat-six biturbo engine, 2 981 cm3

Power: 450 hp at 6 500 tr/min

Torque: 530 Nm 2 300 to 5 000 r/min

Drivetrain: rear-wheel or full, automatic gearbox PDK dual-clutch 8-speed

Dimensions (L/w/h): 4 519 x 1 852 x 1 300 mm

Safety deposit box: 132 l

Weight: 1 590/1 640 kg

0-100km/h: 3.7 and 3.5 seconds

maximum Speed: 308/306 km/h

Consumption (Mixed EU): 8,9/9 l (NEDC correlated)

CO2 Emissions: 206 g/km

Price: 122 255 130 175 euros

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