Until now, the latest Porsche Macan was available only with a 4-cylinder 2-liter turbo of 245 hp. But the S-version, which just add to the catalog of the manufacturer, will ennoble the small SUV by adopting a V6 turbo 3 litre engine. Result: a power of 354 horsepower, a torque of 480 Nm and a 0 to 100 km/h shot down in 5.1 seconds (equipped with the Pack Sport Chrono). The tip speed, it is set at 254 km/h.

This block is not identical to the V6 that could be found on the older generation of Macan. It adopts a turbocharger in a central position (in the middle of the V formed by the cylinders), a configuration that shortens the path that the gases have to go between the combustion chambers and the turbo. This modification, coupled to combustion chambers, optimized and turbo technology, Twin-Scroll, can reduce the response time to the acceleration as well as C02 emissions.

The Macan S also affirms its positioning as a sports, thanks to brake discs thicker than 2 mm (36 mm total) and a diameter of 10 mm (360 mm in total) compared to the standard model. The ceramic brakes, called “Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake” (PCCB), is offered as an option. The new Macan S and already available for order, at a tariff which is not yet known in the case of France.

The S-version, which just add to the catalog of the manufacturer, will adopt a V6 turbo 3 litre engine. Porsche


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