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Wish – as remote and magical as that may sound. In this realization, the magic of the #was, for me, indivisible-Demonstration in Berlin. Because it was a shared desire, and no self-interest, the left 240,000 people in this Form. It was a desire that was aimed at the (somewhat old-fashioned style) on the common good, which is one of the basic requirements for a successful Wish. If your choice is no magic at work here, but the Interplay of all of a specific set of criteria and action steps. It is in addition to the direction of the target to a sense of responsibility, strategic pragmatism, reflected optimism, networking, pleasure and sense of Possibility.

Annika Reich, born in 1973, is a writer and activist. Her novels and children’s books will be published in the Hanser Verlag. Since 2015 she is the artistic Director of the “We do” and “write”. She is a member of the editorial Board of the “10 to 8”. To criticize © Ekko von Schwichow

social conditions or you want to change, is not a long time so likely to succeed as to wish for a change. Because the will loves the great appearance and is a Mimosa, to tire out quickly and not to offend even faster. If he doesn’t get what he expected, both of them, he in his corner and pouts. The criticism lives, in turn, constantly in danger, to Address against the page and Spread your content to nourish. You want to fight for a society of solidarity, is running a long distance. With a critical attitude and the Mimosa are liable to will you not come next. What it needs is a persistent, unmeasured force which does not lose its magic. There needs to be a movement that does not like the Want to a object like the criticism on a subject, but from the positive experience of the joint is Desirable feeds.

“In the old times, when wishing still helped,” so many fairy tales start, but most people have forgotten how to Wish. It is your choice how to Pray without God. Some of us may still pray, but few of us can still worldly, and, perhaps, the terms that relate to sound, therefore, fallen out of time: the common good in a World. The ability to wish for something so that it works at all is because used correctly it can be a political force, which is not to be underestimated.

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women’s writing. In this column, in the evening, 10 to 8, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, political, poetic, polemic.

We, the editors of 10 to 8, are a versatile and convertible author collective. We find that our society needs more female voices in the Public sphere. We think that these voices should be divers. We represent no ideology and are not of the same opinion. But we do think feminism is important, because justice in society for all of us. We would like to share with our readers. And with our Guest authors.

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