unique experiences, rare pictures, unforgettable emotions… The number of Terminal F, co-presented by Bénédicte Menu, editor-in-chief of the pôle Tourisme du Figaro, and Jean-Bernard Carillet, author and photographer for Lonely Planet and a regular contributor to the Figaro, transports you in another universe, that of the green hell, which it is necessary to know all the secrets and all the pitfalls to be able to survive.

Came from France, a “trainee” tries at shooting the blowgun Franck Charton/Figaro Magazine

Who better than the Indians Waorani, an indigenous people that lives in perfect osmosis with the amazon jungle since the dawn of time, is able to share its experience and knowledge of this environment so hostile?

Present on the plateau, the reporter and photographer Franck Charton, accompanied by Isabelle Fleschen, the founder of the agency Land the Infinite, tell the tale of their stay in immersion in a community Waorani. Their daily life is punctuated by hunting parties (to the blowgun, please!) and fishing aboard a traditional canoe and walks in the selve.

Learn to decode the sounds of the forest

In the company of their mentors, they learn to decipher the nature wild environment surrounding them, to use plants to make bags and containers, to familiarize themselves with hunting weapons, to decode the sounds of the forest, to preserve the potential hazards, prepare meals with the on-board equipment, to sleep in a hammock or in a hut of cane with roofs of palm… An exceptional testimony.

Isabelle Fleschen in action! Franck Charton/Le Figaro Magazine

Another guest of choice on the plateau of Terminal F, Élodie Arrault, an adventurer extraordinaire, to share her experience of survival in difficult environments, including the crossing on foot and in chariot ice of 637 km of lake Baikal in the mountainous region of Russian Siberia, in total autonomy, in extremely difficult circumstances. This multisport athlete also presents its next adventure off the beaten path, the expedition Sinbad, in the wake of the castaways on the raft of the Medusa off the coast of Mauritania, in conditions where even close to survival…

Blink of an eye, finally, to the festival Goal Adventure whose fourth edition starts this Friday, January 25, at the Centquatre, in Paris. During 3 days, the public can meet the explorers of modern times and discover not less than 30 films in competition. Among them, that of Christian Clot and Mélusine Mallender the two adventurers that we have already received on the set of Terminal F. Their movie, Adaptation , tells the story of their incredible scientific experience in the environments in the most hostile of the planet where they were able to test the limits of the human body.

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