Now in competition with other sources of information, not really to the taste of new generations, pushed by the social networks where the cuisine lives on a participatory critique, Michelin enjoys, each year, to make to speak of him as he can. If Man is still contemporary, it is perhaps in his way of chasing the buzz. In 2019, so who comes out with two weeks ahead of the usual timetable.

however, not certain that this dear red Guide is revolutionized. Once again, the Landerneau of popotes will excite on the top. Once again, happy happy happy, cross the fallen, the just blend to the unfair and, once again, the verdict will be judged in a blend of softness and over-cautiousness. In each edition, some win, some lose, the stars expire, sometimes delayed, sometimes with a curious swiftness, and the list of winners of fall without more justification than …

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