Take a flight low cost cost more more expensive. The establishment on 1 November of the new tariff policy of the company is Ryanair, whose flagship measure is to charge for all luggage, is the latest example. Finished the small bag of less than 10 kg (42 x 20 x 25 cm) as it glided free of charge in the luggage compartment before taking place.

Now, only the hand bags and small backpacks (40 x 20 x 25 cm), which can be placed under the seat in front of the self are graciously accepted. The passenger who wants to take in the cabin of his small suitcase, weighing less than 10 kg, therefore, must have “priority boarding”. It is charged 6 euros, and two more if the option is taken after booking the ticket. And still it is necessary that the passenger is part of the 95 that are allowed on 189 of the aircraft. As for the others, the option “priority” is charged at 8 euros, or 10 euros if purchased after booking the ticket… not to be able to keep the little baggage, which will travel in the cargo hold. To note that the luggage out template is charged more expensive than in the past: its extra cost goes from 1st November to 20 to 25 euros.

Time lost to find a place for suitcases

This radical decision is the measure of rigor a well-known irish company with respect to the weight and the dimension of the valisettes in the cabin at the time of their gracious permission. It is more restrictive than the codes of the high-speed train low cost Ouigo, which forces passengers to drag their carry-on baggage free of charge under the seat, and the fact pay 5 to 10 euros per suitcase extra. What to do grind the teeth of travellers who are increasingly difficult to compare the prices of the air tickets, as there are criteria to be taken into consideration.

Specialist in air transport in Figaro Economy , our sister Valérie Collet deciphers, in the video, the strategy of Ryanair, who says he has taken this decision to reduce flight delays related to the time lost to trying to find a place for the suitcases too many in the cabin. And already its policy is spreading. According to our confrere of the Paris Vincent Périer, the low cost Hungarian Wizz has also decided to charge its cabin baggage allowance from 1st November.

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