El Yopal. The door to the savannah of colombia, escaped the radar of tourism. Just an hour’s flight east of Bogotá, the capital of the department of Casanare does not appear in any travel guide French. The immense region of the Llanos Orientales (Eastern Plains) of which it is part, not most, if not sporadically. To the north of the 4th degree of latitude north, the great plains, the tropical basin of the Orinoco still remain a mystery. Wet between April and October, dry from November to march, this vast flood plain, punctuated by meadows, arable, jungles, and swamps, irrigated by a network of sprawling rivers, and rivers of water, covers a territory of gigantic between the Andes and the Caribbean sea. It stretches from Venezuela to Colombia, where she covers several departments: Casanare, Arauca, Vichada, Guainía, Meta, Vaupés, Guaviare, and part of Caquetá.

This eco-region, whose fauna and flora are one of the biodiversity the more exceptional the world, is a well-known …

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