In Seattle (United States)

“Emerald City”… through the windows of the Link Light Rail which carries out, in forty-five minutes, from the airport in Tacoma to the city centre, you can admire already the lush vegetation, as if the planning had found a way in the midst of the conifers.

Mixing with drizzle and sun, the largest city in the State of Washington is built on seven hills, overlooking the ballet of ferries in Pacific blue, steel, with, in the background, the snow-capped mountains, Waterfalls. A grandiose panorama.

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The beating heart of the city, which was once the birthplace of grunge, is Capitol Hill, backed his lung, the Volunteer Park, a park bordered by residences cossues, renowned for its conservatory, Art-deco, the Museum of asian arts, his squirrelly little bit shy and joggers with doggies. “In Seattle, there are more dogs than children”, is it customary to say. In fact, the canine have the same right to kindergartens, squares (with bar), beaches and biscuits gluten-free.

At the intersection of Pine and Pike Street, the colourful facades of street art are placed side by side with jazz clubs and tattoo parlours

out of the park, one is captivated by the atmosphere of Broadway, the artery of vibrant Capitol Hill, its coffee shops, and yoga rooms being expensive thrift stores and restaurants world food. Here, spirit, “the Pacific Northwest” forces, the flags arc-en-ciel flower in shop windows, next to messages advocating tolerance – “One size doesn’t fit all” or even “No place for homophobia, sexism, racism, hate”.

At the intersection of Pine and Pike Street, the colourful facades of street art are placed side by side with jazz clubs and tattoo parlours. But the star here is the Elliott Bay Book, and a cathedral more than a bookstore, with its thousands of books, its floor creaking, leather chairs aged where you sink for hours, its kitchen tables in wood, on which the writers come to sign their new products.

A little later, the Pike Place Market, the first hall of the United States to have put in direct contact with small producers and consumers, there are more than a hundred years, reminiscent of the green side a pioneer of the city. Impressive, the stalls of fish, crabs and huge lobsters caught on the day, as well as the inevitable “run of salmon” among sellers, which is the delight of tourists! We climb to the second floor to enjoy, in Lowell”s, a burger wild salmon or a “clam chowder” this soup with clams served in a bowl with a crust of bread – with views of Elliott Bay, and its fishing boats riding up to Alaska… Located on the Waterfront, the Aquarium is home to marine animals of the region, including an impressive giant octopus, and an army of otters.

We don’t forget to make a stop by the Gum Wall, a walkway entirely covered with chewing gum of all colors

In leaving, don’t forget to make a stop by the Gum Wall, a walkway entirely covered with chewing gum of all colors, where it is customary to paste hers as you throw a little coin in the Trevi fountain in the hope of return. A true happening of pop culture, which prefigures the cult MoPOP – Museum of Pop Culture, interactive museum, not far away, where you can feel the battery or the synth in real music studios. Do not miss the rooms dedicated to Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix, darlings of the country. Fans admire the guitars broken that the unmanageable Kurt sacrificed after each concert, the velvet jacket Liberty or the notebook Jimi – or, a little further on, the motorcycle purple Prince. Moviegoers are feasting, themselves, of the departments thrillers, fantasy or science fiction, where we find, among many other things, the axe Shining, or the costume of Leeloo in The Fifth Element.

in The chapter of the futurism, however, the last “museum” in the date is called… Amazon Spheres, with its three biospheres open recently to the public (registration a month in advance on a architectural jewel featuring a real fake amazon rainforest, the walls completely vegetated, tens of thousands of tropical plants, waterfalls, a conservatory with orchids, offices in the trees, where the “Amazonian” sometimes hold their meetings… The spheres, dedicated to the well-being of the employees, are the window gleaming – and the pride – of Jeff Bezos. The perfect marriage of the archaic and of the digital.


spring and summer are the best seasons to visit this city known rainy and cool.

getting THERE

Delta Airlines operates a daily non-stop flight Paris-Seattle (10: 30 approx) and Air France serves the destination at a rate of six flights per week from Charles-de-Gaulle.


offer a route Seattle-Vancouver by seaplane, (Kenmore Air, $ 150 for the trip): 1 hour of flight time, with a magnificent panorama over the islands of San Juan. The Waterfront is also the departure point by ferry for a cruise to Alaska (7 to 14 days).


Loews Hotel 1000 (, two steps from Pike Place Market ($385 in double room), or the State Hotel ( from $ 140 per double room.


Aqua by El Gaucho ( for its fish, seafood, and views of Elliott Bay.


Amazon Go (close to Spheres): the supermarket without a cashier, who scans your items via the multiple cameras on the ceiling.


The City Pass (99 $) offers the choice of 5 entries in the unmissable attractions of the city (Needle Space, MoPOP, Aquarium, Pacific Science Center,…).

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