there are those who are dreaming to enter in the Michelin guide…. and those who are desperately trying to get out. This Monday, a few hours of the presentation of the vintage 2019 of the red Guide, salle Gaveau, chef Sébastien Bras of restaurant Le Suquet in Laguiole (Aveyron), is “amazed” his reappearance in the selection with two stars, while the former triple star was granted no longer be included in the edition 2018.

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“On September 20, 2017, we asked the Michelin guide no longer appear in their editions, and this, as early as 2018. Our request has been accepted and effective. Also, we learned with astonishment that we réapparaissons in the guide 2019 (with 2 stars),” noted the chief, in a statement sent to AFP.

“A decision contradictory”

“This decision is contradictory, leaves us doubtful, even if, anyway, we are no longer concerned; nor by stars; nor by the strategies in the guide. I expressed my position in the past year and am still in the same state of spirit; with still and always the trust of our customers,” he adds.

Sebastian’s Arms, who took over from his father Michel Bras it was ten years at the helm of le Suquet, distinguished in 1999 by three stars, was asked to not appear in the bible, gourmet French in 2017, to be “the free spirit” and less “pressure”. “At the age of 46, I want to give a new sense to my life: my professional life, my life in general, and redefine this essential,” he emphasized in a press release, noting that his career triple star had been “a great challenge, a source of many satisfactions ( … ), but also a great deal of pressure”. “Maybe I’ll lose reputation but I accept, I accept” he also said to the AFP.

This request of the chief aveyron, sowed turmoil in the world of gastronomy. A pity that it has not been complied with for a longer time.

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