As a rush in a department store, on the first day of sales, the friction of the gliding stormed at 9am the funicular that leads to the cable car of La Grande Motte. Pushing and shoving, shouts of joy, sounds of the stick, not heavy… It is a little madness that seizes hold of this subway of snow in 7 minutes powering a hundred travellers happy to 2100 metres at 3032 metres above sea level.

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The extreme weather conditions have had the effect of reducing to a single track (red) the ski on the glacier of The Grande Motte. But whatever, the excitement is waiting for you. Arrival at its terminus, the boisterous expedition continues with a final step: the cable car of la Grande Motte. New cabins with a capacity of 99 people, new cables, new technologies… And ten minutes in, boarding, including, for reach the summit 3656 mr. At the exit of the arrival station, the area shoe skis is close to the reverse of the panorama is extra-large with a view of the resort and Tignes lake but also on the Mont-Blanc or the “Grande sassière”. Caution is necessary, because the snow worked by the snowcats remains hard, and the plates of ice have even made the earth a tracker… Who did not come back himself.

there is obviously something that is a challenge and delight most fans of selfies that skiers and seasoned, reduced down in a few minutes, they take longer to climb. Rest the magic of the peaks, the incredible views, the festive atmosphere and ultrajeune skiers. The others, those who want to benefit from all of the ski domain, will have to wait for the official opening of the station and liaison with the slopes of Val d’isère, on 24 November next.

practical Information:

The day pass for skiing costs 22€.

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