As always with travel in a train, it is the marketing that bonus, and the choice of names for the new cards reduction is never insignificant. Finished the youth card, senior citizens over or weekend, these have now all the term “advantage” as an attribute. Ditto for subscriptions “frequency”, which adopted the name drone of “freedom”. These new cards reduction would not have that benefit? Nothing is less sure! Even if the SNCF claims that with these new cards, customers will be able to travel cheaper and more often.

of Course, the main benefit of these new subscriptions is to take advantage of the discounts to people traveling with you. Thus, the card Advantage and family Weekend, which include an accompanying adult and up to 3 children aged 4 to 11 years. On one condition however: to spend at least one night of the weekend to your destination with the Family card, which replaces the card “Child+”. A way for the station to better segment the market …

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