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Lukas Kleckers read it is actually, as always. He is the outsider, the ranmuss against the favorites. Since he has risen in the last summer, in the Main Tour of snooker cue, such as the prestige series in the demanding Billiards variant is, that he gave to each with a smooth cloth-covered table for the Underdog and collected, often defeats, the time scarce and time more clearly were. A warning, however, was a success, or a very narrow defeat, still hope. Just as the victory in the first round of the English Open in Crawley, as Kleckers defeated in October, an English young professional. Or the unfortunate 4:5 against the three-time world champion Mark Williams at the beginning of August to qualify for the World Open in the North of England, Preston.

“I have had the Chance to beat him,” says Kleckers about this encounter. “It is not because he has played bad, but because I was really good, and in almost every Frame, a high Break did. This went in a good direction and makes me confident that it will be even better in the future.”

one who wants to hold on to his dream speaks. Kleckers is between Europe and the people’s Republic of China almost everywhere on the way to work in the elite world of the snooker cue to the top. He succeeds, until the end of the season next may under the front climbing 64 in the Ranking, is he also in the next season on the Main Tour. He closes below this mark, he will lose his place.

bow tie at the neck and the best of manners

The next attempt is already scheduled. On Monday in Belfast, the Match 39 of the Northern Island Open. Then wants to enforce Lukas Kleckers against a certain Zhou Yuelong. It is the first round of a high-class occupied Snooker tournament, at the 128 starters in seven days, a winner is screened, the happy recipient of a cheque of over 70,000 British pounds. Again, not an easy task for Kleckers, finally, he meets it as the current number 105 in the world rankings for the Main Tour on the no. 32.

Kleckers, a 22-year-old mechanical engineering Student from Essen, is the German hope, in a niche sport that is booming. With 17 Kleckers was the youngest German champion in the British etiquette-dominated Sport; at 19, he was in the world and European Championships in the Amateurs, respectively, of a third party. A year later he reached at the U21 world Cup in the same place. And now he plays in the Big. How like to be alone in the channel Eurosport would serve to his German audience a real Local Hero to Cheer.

That was in the country to develop a TV Boom, is amazing enough. For 15 years, the specialty channel regularly delivers images of the most important international tournaments. Meanwhile, up to 700,000 viewers tune in to follow the. So far, they have missed no German players. Provide you with the Expertise and the distinctive Timbre of a commentator Rolf Kalb as a national reference. And because, in the end, quite often the same Cracks remain, the result is a kind of Soap-effect: It is believed to know the actors, at war with a bow tie on the neck and the best of manners so subtle.


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