Driving on snowy road or, worse, icy, is a perilous exercise. When one has the choice, better to stay at home, but if one is forced to drive for professional reasons or to visit on his vacation spot, the important thing is to prepare for, including by equipping correctly his car.

winter Tires mandatory

There are winter tires dedicated to SUVS, such as the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance.

according To Goodyear, a car launched at 80 km/h on snow will stop in 70 m, with winter tires, compared to 112 m with regular tires. The winter tyre, vulgarly dubbed contact, or snow has a rubber that remains supple below 7 degrees, large cobblestones to remove the fresh snow and slats that make suction cup on the ice. Its great versatility allows it to be used from November to march.

Equip the four wheels

your car is a traction (front-wheel drive), rear-wheel drive (rear wheel drive) or a full (four wheel drive), it is imperative to equip its four wheels. Want to make the economy of both tires return to ensure the motor without the guarantee of the stability. With a pull, this increases the risk of through in cornering and braking. With a rear-wheel drive, the danger is to shoot straight, the car refusing to turn.

chains for the drive wheels. J. M. Guyon – Copyright 2012

Chain wheel

After a heavy snow storm, access to stations is regulated. When one opts for channels, one no team this time as the driving wheels, because this is only to ensure the progress of the car at low speed (maximum 30 to 50 km/h). Attention when choosing the channels, there are different kinds, true chains, or socks, and depending on the brand they will be more or less easy to mount.

A smooth driving

in order To avoid the loss of adhesion, it is necessary to first reduce its speed. It is also necessary to increase the safety distances and drive smoothly, accelerate gently, as if there were an egg between your right foot and the accelerator pedal. The ideal is to use a transmission ratio on the highest possible to limit the motor torque, which is often the cause of the loss of adhesion.

socks, here Musher, will be more easy to implement.


If the front or rear of your car slips away, and especially do not brake! The ideal is to disengage to rotate the four wheels at the same speed and try to find the right way. Method validated by the great Ari Vatanen. If the back gets through, it is necessary to counter-steer. The word lends itself to confusion. Counter-steer it is simply pointing in the direction of the place where one wants to go, hence the importance to look far ahead. If despite your efforts, the angle of drift exceeds 45° relative to the axis of the road, the head-to-tail will be inevitable. It not you remain more than to crush. The car will turn like a spinning top, but doing so increases the risk of exit from the road.

A training in real conditions

To have more of a chance to respond, the ideal is to be trained before. There are many driving schools in slippery conditions, mostly in ski resorts, and we would strongly advise you to enjoy your vacation to follow an internship. This type of training is not given, but a small excursion into a snow bank can be more costly. As for driving on bare ice or on the ice, all we’ll remember about that was the driver Jean-Pierre Beltoise, the creator of the method Lead Just: “When there’s ice I stay home.”

survival Kit

One last tip, when you go for a long ride in winter with the risk of being confronted with snowfall, it is better to prepare for the worst. A well-trained pilot at the wheel of a car, well-equipped kitchen will not be able to avoid traffic jams that may form, especially if a truck goes through. It is better to take a blanket, a thermos with a hot drink, snacks and a flashlight. And, if you still have a little room in the trunk, embark also have jumper cables and a tow bar?

A driving school to learn the good gestures and be prepared to react well. Daimler AG – Global Communicatio/mercedes-benz AG

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