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triggered A study by the University of Bonn has read a discussion about the method “Write”. Children rehearsing with a classical primer letters and words, would be significantly less spelling errors than the learning to read through Writing, so the first results. The method is now banned in some States. Jörg Ramseger, educational researchers with a focus on primary school of the Free University of Berlin, says: “to prohibit A didactic method, is nonsense.”

Zeit ONLINE: Mr Ramseger, why the subject of spelling will be discussed, so emotional?

Jörg Ramseger: spelling is very important. Every E-Mail revealed my legal writing skills and can decide for how clever I’m being held. It comes to Jobs, to opportunities in the community and also to our political culture. However, it is technically bullshit, only the primer lessons.


Ramseger: The written language acquisition is very demanding. Teachers have the children make only one page of a manual process, use a traditional method. Because you treat all the children the same. However, they are not. Some learn it on this way, never, you are in need of more time. Others are bored with the often simple-minded primer texts. Competent teachers use different methods and mix them.

after hearing a development phase

TIME ONLINE is to Write: What do you think of the controversial “Writing by ear”?

Ramseger, such A method does not exist! What is meant is the “reading through Writing”, in the words of Jürgen Rich for the first half of the year has developed. He has presented but only a reading course and to spelling a little taken care of. Generally, spelling should be in the first academic year introduced. But gently. Counter-productive it is, all early writing attempts to edit the children immediately with the red pencil. The kids don’t constantly develop new writing strategies and first misspellings of a shape, all prejudices to Despite,.

TIME ONLINE: In the discussion it is often to the sound table.

Ramseger: Yes, the demonized also. On your one or two images to explain his Loud, about a duck and a donkey for the E. The classical primers used are behind each letter you also. This is because the Write by ear, practiced it, is not a method, but it is one of three phases of development, the need to iterate through all the children and the teachers to meet said.

TIME ONLINE: What phases are there in learning to read and write?

Ramseger: the First Three – to four-year-old fantasy-scribble characters and say: “I write.” That is to say, you have already understood, that people hold thoughts in characters. In the next “alphabetic” Phase, you understand that there is an agreement, what are the characters for which According to. Then you make first attempts at Writing “by ear”, you write “Mentioned” instead of “dog”. The primer courses note this Phase, it is prescribed for the children all at the same time, which character you need to practice, even if you already have. In the primer-free methods to know the child first as a “writer”. The teacher recognizes the power, it can be still unpunished make mistakes, told him: “by the Way: in dog we write with a ‘u’ in the middle, and with ‘d’ at the end.” The third, the ortho starts a graphical Phase: The children now understand that there is a spelling and that it is not indifferent, as in the word writing. We know, regardless of whether teachers use the primer or a primer-free method: The spelling lesson lasts for all of about eight years. Only then will the majority of young people master the spelling for sure.

TIME ONLINE: According to the IQB education trend is the spelling of elementary school students is not bad, reading and listening comprehension. How much influence do the methods have?

Ramseger: The Problem is: We don’t know it. The quantitative studies only show how something is, but not why. There are almost no serious, qualitative study about what the rooms actually in German class in terms of writing education. Experts estimate that 90 percent of the teachers use the primer. They derive it from the sales figures. But perhaps you mix with other methods? May the free methods were also understood by some teachers incorrectly. Some may have thought that children would discover the spelling. That doesn’t work, you have to be in the first school year systematically in the orthography introduced. The writing, however, the guidelines for the education of all länder in front of it.


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