Stefano Pilati knows the luxury industry on the finger tip, from his past experience at Giorgio Armani and Miu Miu, and especially when he was on the front of the stage at Saint Laurent, and Ermenegildo Zegna. After two years of silence, the Italian sign his grand return with Random Identities, a collection of unisex geared towards the younger generation and particularly accessible – from 90€ for a tee-shirt to€ 260 for a coat. Meeting.

LE FIGARO. – Why did you choose this name from Random Identities rather than yours?

Stefano PILATI. – Use my surname for a brand seemed old-fashioned, inelegant, and certainly not the idea the more relevant in our time when the worship of the ego has reached its peak. Random means random, is a response to our complex world where human values are placed at the same level as the algorithms.

Parade Random Identities at Montreal, 7 November 2018 Random Identities

You often say “we”. Why?

in recent years, I shared my vision of this brand and I have exposed in many ways to different people. I also worked with the e-commerce platform Ssense and experts in management. I use the “we” because, one way or another, and even if the last word returns to me, I have the impression that a lot of my decisions have been taken thanks to the people who surround me in this new enterprise.

like many brands, you talk to millennials. But, to their difference, your prices are very accessible. Give your collection all the chances to be worn by the largest number is your priority?

This is my engine! I’ve never so little believed in the mode “aspirationnelle” in 2018. This system lack of ethics, good citizenship and respect. Spend millions in a parade to appeal to young people seems to me absurd, vulgar. And want to bags which cost several rents is not help to start in life. This new line of clothing is luxurious, intrinsically. It is the result of my background and my expertise in the creation of the universe to the big houses. His prices are not “ cheap” or affordable, as we say in marketing. They are real, fair, thoughtful, responsive to a proposal that I found between the trends in disposable and timeless classics.

young consumers are they so different?

Not that much. Of course, they are more informed and sensitive to the new technologies. But this curiosity top of the youth was not the same during the appearance of the phone, or the plane that have all changed so much humanity? However, how to make it clear to teens today that there is nothing more precious in the world than the individual, that they need to develop and express their identity by digging deep inside themselves. And not by imitating the appearance of another. Tomorrow, the great progress will extend to the safeguarding of the oceans to the artificial intelligence. I am convinced that future generations will have concerns far more important than to spend a fortune to look gorgeous and to the page. Random Identities defends this idea of a style and a reasonable price.

The looks of Random Identities are unisex random identities

through this brand, you ask the mix, the kind of dress. A theme you have addressed in at Saint Laurent, in the collections of the male, there is about a dozen years. Do you think that this “gender fluidity” responds to a desire growing?

I seized the opportunity of this project to put my experience to the benefit of more young people who, today, stimulate me and I open mind, lead me to question myself. I saw their struggle to find their place in this world. And I make sure not to exclude anyone in our time, living behind screens, we feel less and less empathy for his neighbor. The clothes that I imagine leave the liberty to each one to hide or display as it is. They cater for all tastes, genders, races, body types and ages. To all those who see the beauty in the unknown, who are curious, fascinated and respectful of differences.

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