For trips in urban areas, a two-wheeled 125 cm3 seems ideal. Conduisible with the car driving licence after a course of seven hours, this type of vehicle offers sufficient performance for a course on urban and peri-urban areas. However, short trips and frequent visits to the city may want to consider an electric vehicle. And why not a motorcycle, much more elegant than a scooter. Only, on the market of the equivalents of 125 cm3 and power, it is very difficult to find a machine interesting at the level of the report quality-price.

instrumentation combining the digital and the analog is very nice. Super Soco

at least that was the case before the arrival of the Super Soco TC Max. Distributed by the australian group vmoto, Super Soco is a chinese brand. But after having tried the TC and the TS1200R equivalents 50 cm3 proposed by this constructor, we can see that this is a company very serious. To the point of having secured a partnership with Ducati.

With the TC Max, Super Soco promises a 125 electric of good quality at a reasonable price. The model we tried was a vehicle of pre-production, and not the final version. At the level of the aesthetic, the TC Max is quite similar to its little sister, TC. Besides, it is more of an evolution than a fully-fledged model. A difference is however significant: the motor-wheel has left its place to a central motor with a belt transmission.

As on the TC, the finish does not lend the flank to criticism, and instrumentation combining the digital and the analog is very nice. Today, many of the 125 cm3 offer templates rewarding to try to look like big cylinders, but this is not the case of the TC, Max which is small and low. Our model of pre-production suffered from a few injuries of war, due to its many tests across Europe. There is in spite of everything that the bike has pretty well given the shock.

The charging time is approximately 5 hours. Super Soco

The handle of the TC Max imposes a riding position quite sporty, which will eventually put a strain on your back and wrists. If one does only short trips, it is, however, far from being an ordeal. We even eventually get used to that. But if it is not to your liking, don’t panic: it is possible to mount the parts of the TC on the TC Max, like the handlebars, the saddle, or even the fairings. What to customize his bike at will. We note that the seat height of 710 mm will delight the small jigs, without too much penalizing the greatest.

If the saddle could be a little more comfortable, it welcomes the work of the suspensions, which filters out irregularities with flying colors. Even in the absence of ABS, braking coupled is very effective. It should be noted, however, a few tweaks to use, but it is probably a question of settings. The spacecraft weighing barely a hundred pounds, we revel in its handiness to the city, where sneak becomes a play of child.

Despite the transmission belt, which is supposed to provide acceleration more gentle than a motor-wheel, the blows are always to be deplored. Once again, the final model will definitely fix this little odd. Start-ups jump-enabled by the instant torque of the electric machines are not really the cup of tea of the TC Max. She prefers a relaxed to accelerate more frankly once launched. A bit like a gas scooter.

where the TC Max excels, it is at times at low speed, which are of unusual vigor. Be careful to not turn the handle too slowly when you want to accelerate again: if you do not handle it with minimal deductible, then the engine will not send you energy. Also note that when you are too close to the top speed (which varies depending on the driving mode activated), the ability to recover is reduced to nil.

Even in the absence of ABS, braking coupled is very effective. Super Soco

The slight whistling sound produced by the belt is nice, as it gives a little more character to the bike. It unfortunately does not allow other users to locate you, and it will have to be very vigilant about this. In terms of performance, to be honest, a 125 cm3 heat of good quality will leave you on the spot. Where the applicable law permits a power of 11 kW, the small Super Soco is content of 3 kW continuous and 5 kW peak. However, thanks to a couple huge 180 Nm, this electric motorcycle is sufficient nerve if you stick to the city and to the device.

The mode 1, which is impeding the speed to 50 km/h, provides sufficient force to circulate in an urban environment with ease, while showing little energy. The second program, which allows you to reach 70 km/h, which can be used to travel on the “device”. The last mode gives you access to the top speed of the vehicle. We have not exceeded 90 km/h during our testing, but anyway, the motorcycle starts to become slow and poor at around 80 km/h.

the walks in The duo are possible, at the risk of being a little cramped. On country roads, if the part cycle is doing quite well, the small size and the lightness of the bike are not confidence at high speed. Paces high, more, drain quickly the battery. As for the motorway, it will be necessary to mention, the engine not being sufficiently powerful. Now arrive the issues the fateful charging and autonomy, weak points of the vehicles to electricity.

The charging time is approximately 5 hours. The battery is removable, but according to our measurements, its mass of around 21 pounds. This is really tiring in the long run. We conducted two courses in a variety of conditions to determine the radius of action of the bike (duo, city, device, mounted…). On the first, quite demanding, we were able to browse a little more than 60 km with a load. The second circuit, more urban, has made us earn a 10 km range additional. A number sufficient for the use to which the machine is intended.


Proposed to the honest price of 4 euros 499 (4 699 euros with the rims to rays), not to mention the bonus of 750 euros, the Super Soco TC Max can be considered a good deal. Especially when compared to its main competitors: the impressive machines of the american, Zero require more than 12 000 euros, and the supermotard of the French brand Electric Motion (Etrek) over 8 000 euros. If the price of the TC Max is attractive, it is absolutely not a bike of poor quality, quite the contrary. Fans of electric two-wheelers in will certainly be very satisfied. Of othres will argue that for the same price, you can have a 125 cm3 thermal more imposing, without any problem of autonomy and with a gearbox as well as superior performance for go for a walk on the secondary network from time to time. Like the Aprilia Tuono 125 for example. Otherwise, a TC Max for the week with a big bike for the weekend, we seemed to be a garage very nice.

A big thank you to Maze the Garage for the loan of the TC Max.

technical Sheet

Engine: BOSCH Brushless central

Battery: Panasonic Lithium-ion removable

cooldown: 5 to 6 hours

Autonomy: of 80 to 140 km depending on the driving mode (announced)

rated: 3 000 Watts

maximum Power: 5 000 Watts

maximum Torque: 180 Nm

Speed: 110 km/h (announced)

seat Height: 710 mm

front Suspension: hydraulic fork inverted Ø 35mm

rear Suspension: rear shock single spring adjustable for preload

Brakes: drilled disc Ø260mm 2-piston (front) – Ø180mm 1 piston (rear) – coupled

Weight (with battery): 100 kg

Proposed to the honest price of 4 euros 499 (4 699 euros with the rims to rays), not to mention the bonus of 750 euros, the Super Soco TC Max can be considered a good deal. Super Soco


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