A Surfer sat on Wednesday, Ballina, on the North coast of New South Wales, Australia, against a shark attack. Thanks to his quick reaction, the 43-survived Years of the incident.

surfers beat up a shark with surfboard

The shark had pulled the Surfer from his Board and him in the leg bitten, – said the mayor of Ballina, David Wright to a radio station from Sydney. “He used the Board, the shark to fend off. Then he went ashore, wrapped his leg and drove to the hospital from Ballina.” The attack had caused a 20-centimeter-long cut on his calf.

The shark is later than the 2.5-Meter great white shark is identified, such as the Australian Broadcasting Corp reported. The animal had pulled the Surfer from the Board and circled around him, until the 43-Year-old went through, and the shark missed a beat with his surf Board. As a result, he and two friends, who were present at the event swam, back to shore. “He had a great luck for these circumstances,” said police inspector Bill McKenna to ABC.

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