Charly Tang and his wife Vanna are installed in the beautiful neighborhoods of the Sixteenth for nearly forty years. Charly has had his hour of glory, winning a Michelin star, welcoming a clientele of stars, which the faithful Johnny Hallyday. And a nickname: “the Robuchon of the chinese kitchen”. Joel had also paid a visit to this disciple, asian unexpected several times.

Good news, Charly Tang decided derepartir in combat. The decor has been completely redone, becoming, after a complete facelift, with a sober elegance. Zen and chic at the same time. Round or rectangular Tables-black glass, seats plush, comfortable chairs, carpeted floor silky smooth, very high ceiling, lighting, a buddha – man and woman – to each end of the room. It is well installed, is received by the boss and his wife. Service large house. Tang, in turning, has become a chinese top of the range. A rarity!

Here, the kitchen was always intended to be original. It still is. Charly stimulus Tang and the dishes of chef David Laxu are roughly well troussés, the best products are used. Everything is original and very good.

a Few great moments: cream of taro with the osetra caviar, ravioli, thai ginger and coriander ; crispy langoustine in a sauce of caramelized, excellent black rice in the golden Triangle, is remarkable chicken honey-sweet and salty at the cambodian. At the start, a symphony of amuse-bouches.

at the Beginning of June, a dynamic formula, tasting menu at 56 €, orchestrated by the boss, depending on the market and the chef inspiration. Rest the dessert, the crunchy-chewy pineapple juice, rum, sherbet, lychee is the jewel in the crown.

For a delicious chinese cuisine and unusual, go in Charly Tang.

Tang, 125, rue de la Tour, Paris Xvi ( Menu: 56 € and 128 € (without drink). Closed Sunday, Monday noon.


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