LE FIGARO – How did the reconciliation between Teddy Riner and Ford?

Teddy RINER – It’s been years that I know the brand. In my family, we are big consumers of Ford. Either my family or the Caribbean in general. The brand has especially released the great game by inviting me to a race at le Mans with the Ford Mustang! Naturally, when I was offered the project, I immediately said yes!

Louis Carl VIGNON – We were introduced by a mutual friend. At the end of five minutes, we thought to work together!

– What is the duration of the contract?

Louis Carl VIGNON – The contract is valid up to the 2020 Olympic Games. We will accompany Teddy in the past, and vice versa.

– What is included in this contract?

Teddy RINER – Necessarily, a good dozen cars! I’m kidding. I love the brand so I asked a few models, including a Ford Mustang and a Raptor. I’ll do the advertising for Ford. The first will appear in January.

Louis Carl VIGNON – The idea is that Teddy has accompanied us in the same way that we accompany him. The first time I’ve announced that Ford was just 4%-4,5 % of market share, I almost felt ashamed. He said that with such a mark it was impossible. The words of Teddy have greatly motivated our teams. There’s an audience and a network behind it that are important to us. When you look at it, rather want to move forward!

– Mr. Riner, are you a car enthusiast?

Teddy RINER – No. I am more (laughs). You know, in all that is seating, the harp also…. Of course that I am passionate about cars! And also motor sports.

do you Have a few vivid memories related to the automobile, to share with us?

Teddy RINER – I have always loved to be in a car, even with only 5 minutes to go shopping. When I was little, as soon as someone in my family is going on a car, I asked my father if I could accompany him. The anecdote is that I learned how to drive on a Ford Focus RS first generation, an experience that I’m not ready to forget. My passion did not then grow in the same time as I discovered new models.

Can we know about some of your personal cars?

Teddy RINER – I roll in a Ford Edge, and I’m a firm footing my Raptor and my Mustang. Don’t ask me how the Mustang is going up, it is not necessary to know.

do you like some models in particular?

Teddy RINER – everyone thinks I’ll ride at the wheel of exceptional cars. I don’t have a flagship model, to tell the truth. It is enough for me to feel well in a car, and the sound of the engine I plaĆ®se for that I am converted! I’m not interested in a car just because it bears the logo of Ferrari or Lamborghini, it is necessary that the model I like. However, I can’t buy a car that does not have xenon headlights! I love it!

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You like car racing?

Teddy RINER – I don’t have the time unfortunately. But I’m of the circuit. I have been a teacher for a few years already, I learned to fly on many routes. I go there sometimes with friends and even with partners. I’m not afraid of anything, and I want to try everything. But if I launch in auto-racing, I will need a lot of training. But hey, the desire to win is already there!

what both parties expect from this partnership?

Teddy RINER – To me, this is 50/50. I expect that Ford has followed me in my competitions and my career, and I let them use my image which may be beneficial for the brand.

Louis Carl VIGNON – Teddy embodied the performance, and the willingness to exceed. It motivates us and serves as a model for our teams, because it sets challenges and eventually win. He is also someone who is very accessible and friendly, which represents the image we want to give our brand. We will therefore be very useful for communication.

Mr. Riner, do you see any similarities between your business and the automobile?

Teddy RINER – a Lot. In sport as in mechanics, it must be precise, rigorous. When you see a vehicle, we see him alone, just like me on the mat. But in both cases, there is a team behind it that provides an important job. My physical coach, my psychologist, my dietician, my coaches, my sparring partner, I would be nothing without my team. It is the same thing for a competition car. In both disciplines, has a goal to achieve, and even when one arrives there, it was necessary to constantly question and reinvent itself to stay at the top.

Louis Carl VIGNON – totally agree. To go even further, a good judoka as a good car, which requires strength, agility, vitality, and a good road holding. The look also of paramount importance in judo as in control.

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