Created in 1998 by Jean-Jacques Descamps, mayor of Loches and former Secretary of State for Tourism, the association “Les Plus Beaux Détours de France” published the 21 th edition of its annual guide. Product to 210 000 copies, this book remains the first tourist guide in French for broadcasting. This book of 176 pages list including the stations of transport, hotels and restaurants), the address of the post office and the tourism office but also the number of inhabitants in 106 small cities to (re)discover. The practical elements supplemented by a brief description of each place listed.

A veritable bible which will allow its buyer to plan a “road-trip” to go and explore these towns (2,000 to 20,000 inhabitants), which hide many charms. Detours that we shall be able, for example, make family driving a traditional SUV, or as a couple aboard a cabriolet collection to make a lovely walk.

The guide of the most beautiful detours is free and available in the tourist offices of the member cities of the network (list available on the website). It is also possible to get it by correspondence, in exchange for a cheque of 6 € to the order of the Most Beautiful Detours of France (45 boulevard Richard Wallace – 92800 Puteaux). Adventurers in possession of this book, which will have visited 7 cities members will receive a charger for smartphone, dual USB port, connecting to a cigarette lighter.


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