Best “chic brasserie”: Giraffe

Surely one of the addresses most of the year, with the Palais de Chaillot in chic behind the scenes, the Trocadéro for a springboard, and the Eiffel tower invites you on the terrace. In this kind of circumstances, the restaus are not doing, being suffocated by the great, and the panorama. And this Giraffe does not let tell. A scenery of wooded and velvet, a bar bleeding the veins of marble préfacent a gazebo sliding tables as in a theatre, table-cloths as the parade of servers in beautiful vaulting and edible inviting the sea from the balcony. Shellfish, fish, crustaceans engage in chapters clear (gambero rosso wines, grilled octopus), revenues are more dressy (roasted cod with morel mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms and moss), and the good will of the auction of the day, seabass, seabream, turbot, porgy, red mullet ensuring that other show to be served in the dining room and integers.

The dish not to let pass by: all of the grilled fish.

Giraffe. 1, place du Trocadéro and the 11-November (Xvi). Tel.: 01 40 62 70 61. Map: between 50 and 100 €.

Best “Asian” counter: Double Dragon, Double Dragon (Eleventh). Eugenie Ragot / Le Figaro

Become (good title) darlings of Paris “crazy food”, the two sœurettes of the Servan advancing a pawn in their stronghold of Saint-Ambroise, mutate a pizza behind-the-Boot in a cantoche ludo-pop, appoint a kid of furnaces (Antoine Villard), and a wand, survoltent the tropism as the counter asian dropping nuggets décoiffantes.

The dish not to let pass by: the cucumber iced lemongrass.

Double Dragon. 52, rue Saint Maur (Xi). Tel.: 01 71 32 41 95. Carte: 25-40 €.

Best leader: David Bizet at Taillevent Taillevent (Viii). Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

The high address is found in a sacred capacity by signing David Bizet, a defector from the Orangery at the George V. Which a young chef installs, in a first fall, an impeccable defence and illustration of this style “French” where the product aristocrat, the technical precision, the returns of hunting and the beautiful word is needed in a mixture of appetite and pageantry. Service-minded “small palace” and wine cellar elite delighted with the bargain.

The dish not to let pass by: the lobster to swim, tartare with seaweed, creamy, iodine, consumed.

Taillevent. 15, rue Lamennais (Viii). Tel.: 01 44 95 15 01. Menus: 90 € (déj.) and 198 €. Card: approximately 200 €.

Best “grand bourgeois”: The Poule au Pot Poule au Pot (Ier). Hervé Goluza

Trap gives her lesson at the bistro, taking up this sleeping beauty of the Halls. In a waltz 1930s mosaics, mirrors and Moleskine, the age of gold wakes up, the old France takes out the silverware and the plate is the echo with a Trap, delighted to return to the classics. This is no longer a menu, it is a memory to which one would suit well a Legion of honor: snails in the shell, omelette with chanterelle mushrooms, quenelle sauce Nantua… The technique is masterly, generous to put in the mouth of this strange word that we had forgotten a little: greed.

The dish not to let pass by: frog legs, blanquette, whiting in anger, etc

Poule au Pot. 9, rue Vauvilliers (Ier). Tel.: 01 42 36 32 96. Menu: 48 € (déj.). Card: approximately 100 €.

for Best “come-back”: The Blue Train The Blue Train (Xii).

Is this the taste of the station, now rediscovered by the great chefs? It is still the case that giving to the family Rostang the réaiguillage cooking the glorious and very rated Blue Train was not late to reconnect with the public, rappliquant to the appeal of a comfortable kitchen Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean in the rha, incendiary nostalgia ceiling and cocardières allegories decor assuming the flamboyance.

The dish not to let pass by: the omelette surprise surge to the Carthusian monastery of bishops.

The Blue Train. Gare de Lyon train station. Place Louis-Armand (Xii). Tel.: 01 43 43 09 06. Card: 50-90 €.

Best four hands: Yannick Alléno and Yasunari Okazaki to The Abyss The Abyss (Eighth). Sebastien Veronese

Of the peaks of Courchevel in the Beaupassage, plateaux tv, at the end of the world, Alléno is still running. There, on the floor of its pavillon Ledoyen, under a ceiling sky of wand, the star chef and a shoe size of japanese share the stage without the arguing and make up, four hands, of the menu “omakase”, where the sensitive, valuable, intriguing and stunning invent as a dialogue between France and Archipelago.

The dish not to let pass by: the lobster with vanilla, swims taken at the sesame.

The Abyss. Pavillon Ledoyen. 8, avenue Dutuit (Viii). Tel.: 01 53 05 10 00. Menu: 98 € (déj.), 170 € and 280 €.

Best revelation: Substance Substance (Xvi). Substances

Each year, one would expect even if it is slow, it is hoped, without always believing in and, each year, it arises where we do not seek really. In 2018, the nice surprise is called Substance, appeared in the last rays of the sun, in the conveniences of the Sixteenth and the small happiness of a square of associates climbed to share their adventure. The cave looks without fuck the chips, the service, without departing from a true smile and the plates reveal a minot stoves that we will follow, eyes closed, mouth open, when it leaves drizzle his vows to heart and strain to the landscapes of his compositions.

The dish not to let pass by: gnocchi pan-fried, cress, fermented, juice of the mortlake and egg yolk fermented.

Substance. 18, rue de Chaillot (Xvi). Tel.: 01 47 20 08 90. Menu: 35 and 39 €. Card: approximately 70 €.

Best leader: Hélène Darroze at the Joia Joia (IIe). NICOLAS BUISSON

It has not always been tender with the Darroze, blaming him for often a kitchen and tables, so wanting to prove, forgot to truly embody. Quite the opposite of this last address, which, in calling together the joy (joià in béarn), finds as a whole to the double floor of this beautiful building of the Trail and to the four corners of a card, sparkling, hanging on, with the same zest, and guacamole all in a fruit, a generous dish of family, ravioli, green and cake mille-crepes tea matcha.

The dish not to let pass by: the neck of lamb allaiton confit at raz-el-hanout.

Joia. 39, rue des Fasters (IIe). Tel.: 01 40 20 06 06. Menus: at 24 and 29 € (déj.). Carte: about 40 €.

Best “this is Paris”: gene kelly gene kelly (IIe). vincent Leroux

If he had moved the brewery to check-up, the cocherait the boxes with happy abandon. The neighborhood? The passage des Panoramas, faithful to its rereputation of solid pantry. The decor? Amazing to invite the next of today a spirit 30 years. The servers? Twirling to enter the room as a stage. Mood? Beautiful fixed. The kitchen? Without the complex to assume the good bourgeois meaning that a triple michelin-starred province (Gilles Goujon) enjoyed décoincer as filerait a helping hand to friends (artichoke vinaigrette, frog legs, veal liver deglazed, grilled sole, steak béarnaise, etc.). What else? Perhaps the joy of living and being.

The dish not to let pass by: caille fermière rôtie aux raisins, figs and trim grand-mother.

gene kelly. 19, passage des Panoramas (IIe). Tel.: 09 81 29 50 95.Menus: at 20 and 25 € (déj.). Card: about 50 €.

Best signature: Baieta Baieta (Ve). Pierre Lucet Penato

how do we recognize the talent of a kitchen? It may be that a dish tasted at the chance of a breakfast will follow far away, long ago, at the corner of the palace, a day, a month, ten years later. On the side of the early Julia Sedefjian, 23 years old, and in the beautiful clarity of a hostel city, there has been this “bouillabaieta”, a variation of bouillabaisse, inspired, cherishing, which agitated the terroir as much as it revealed a temperament of already large head.

The dish not to let pass by: the bouillabaieta, rust and croutons.

Baieta. 5, rue de Pontoise (Ve). Tel.: 01 42 05 59 19. Menu: 29 € (déj.). Card: approx 80-100 €.

Best “beautiful neighborhoods”: Apicius Apicius (Viii). Roman Laprade

We knew this restaurant among the most spectacular in Paris, but, without seeking to minimize a kitchen sure of its elegance, may be appropriate, especially to acknowledge a nice sense of recovery to Mathieu Pacaud and Laurent de Gourcuff. These two have, in effect, able to give a scenario at the scenery, imagining, here, a small castle life, the idea of a secondary residence in the heart of town and, when the weather is mixed, the feeling of taking meals as it squatterait a garden party.

The dish not to let pass by: the hen’s egg, white dining cappuccino of porcini mushrooms and white truffle of Alba.

Apicius. 20, rue d’artois (Viii). Tel.: 01 43 80 19 66.Menus: 180 and 280 €. Card: approx 150-200 €.

Best “a Japanese in Paris”: Pilgrim Pilgrim (Xv). PILGRIM

As the years go by and look regularly to reveal these tables where japanese chefs are responding to the call habs, let’s face it as one of the most accomplished of the last twelve months. A feng shui decor, minimal without being mutique, a brigade that the big kitchen opened on the room fails to go out of their way meditative and compositions of delicate, graceful, who seem to come to rest on the plate like a butterfly on a bouquet.

The dish not to let pass by: the meal, shredded, granny smith, and Espelette pepper.

Pilgrim. 8, rue Nicolas Charlet (Xv). Tel.: 01 40 29 09 71.Menu: 45 € (déj.), 65 € (sat.) and 90 €.

the Best “new horizons”: Oxte Oxte (Xviii). Francois Cap/François Bouchon / Le Figaro

With energy (and beautiful candor), the new mexican cuisine infuses as much as it amazes the gallery world, offering some new suns in the sky of our plates. Among its playgrounds, Paris, where Enrique Casarrubias plays the skilful artificer, pour the salsa verde in a onion, frost mezcal, biscuite corn in a cream, agave, convinces above all to reconcile, without chromo or tradi, menus between here and the aztec.

The dish not to let pass by: the octopus, onion stuffed with salsa verde, mashed potatoes.

Oxte. 5, rue Troyon (Xvii). Tel.: 01 45 75 15 15. Menu: 31 € (déj.) and 65 €.

Best “cheeky”: Boulom Boulom (Xviii). SÉBASTIEN SORIANO/Le Figaro

Since its bodega cities (Noste), we knew Julien Duboué in conquest and pretty good in his head but to attempt a recovery of the until then very wacky buffet, was daring! Yet it is only the kind to be rehabilitated, in the back room of a bakery coquette where a public not fatally pansu is press pour in the half-marathons of mouth. In front of him, in order, the mess, jump salty, sweet, hot, cold, shellfish, pork, grilled meats, slow-simmered, hearty, well thought out, ribald without being cheesy.

The dish not to let pass by: terrines, sausages, rillettes.

Boulom. 181, rue Ordener (Xviii). Tel.: 01 46 06 64 20.Buffet breakfast: 29 € (déj.) and 39 €.

Best “unclassifiable”: DO/SO DOES/SO (IXe). Jean-Christophe Marmara/JC MARMARA / LE FIGARO

Discovered in the posture of the marlou tattooed the time of a tv pan, endured in the sham and the stones écorchées a first address pump-air, there was a Guillaume Sanchez, last spring, in new walls in chiaroscuro. And can follow the game trail of a chief who, without being completely quiet, will no longer become confused customer and a guinea pig and sharing finally a real singularity around his compositions to blossom flavor.

The dish not to let pass by: the ravioli of lobster, fermentation of coffee grounds.

/SO. 6, rue Papillon (IXe). Tel.: 01 48 28 04 13. Menus: 55 € (déj.), 90 and 120 €.

Best “side of the palace”: The Orangerie The Orangerie (Viii). Jean Clade Amiel

the Handover of power discrete (and therefore successful) for the table b of the George V, where Alan Taudon, the former second of The Squer, succeeds David Bizet, party on the side of Taillevent. And the young chief not to be daunted by signing one of these cards addressed, all at the same time studious to support the level of and sensitive to impose a claw, where, suddenly, the spirit comes to the merger (eggplant fermented with herbs, and sea bream on the grill, tapioca, cucumber juice, spicy, veal sweetbread, crispy lemongrass, etc.).

The dish not to let pass by: the mullet, in particular the gnocchi in tomato sauce amaretto.

, The Orangery at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. 31, avenue George-V (Viii). Tel.: 01 49 52 72 24. Menu: 75 € (déj.), 95 and 125 €. Card: approx 170 €.

Best “near by”: The Bear The Bear (Vincennes). Julie Limont

Exception noticed a sad rule that the extra-muros paris is no longer shining in her beautiful, Jacky Ribault sign, in the discretion of Vincennes, a striking address was designed in a way to small tale. Alcove in the living room, keys dream-like in impressionism plant, space crosses her pretty mirror. Without really knowing which one outweighs the other, tasting and setting the table make up a unique climate, stroking, precisethem (dear memory of a bar line steam of lichen placed on its granite).

The dish not to let pass by: the sweetbreads, baked seaweed, sabayon with ginger and teriyaki.

The Bear. 10, Church street in Vincennes (94). Tel.: 01 46 81 50 34.Menus: 45, 75 and 105 €.

Best celebrity: Beef Bar Beef Bar (Eighth). adrien daste

Exit this old madame de Fermette Marbeuf replaced by the Beef Bar, come to Monaco, London, and elsewhere, and, decor brand without being totally big-time gambler in addition to a devastating, removing the pretty jaws of the mundane her small shop carnivorous.

The dish not to let pass by: the chateaubriand (heifer of the valley of the Volcanoes) for two.

Beef Bar. 5, rue Marbeuf (Viii). Tel.: 01 44 31 40 00. Menu: 35 €. Card: send 80-200 €.

the Best “fashion”: Rustle Rustle (IXe). Sébastien SORIANO/Le Figaro

Will know if, in six months, it will still be at the forefront of the Paris that fate, but, in the meantime, since September, it is in this boudoir claimed that returns the cake to the table where we need to go be seen. Behind-the-scenes of the Théâtre Edouard-VII, the Fashion Week has propped up its top ranks before that between curtains and velvet the small night birds to do their aviary fetish, deserving to have a few edible italo-parisian, easy to peck.

The dish not to let pass by: the bone marrow buddies.

Rustle. Theatre Edouard VII. 10, square Edouard VII (Ninth). Tel.: 01 47 42 92 55. Card: approx 60-80 €.

the Best boating: Ducasse-sur-Seine Ducasse-sur-Seine (Xvi). P. Monetta

Not always easy to follow the boss these last few months (a Spoon 2, a Benedict replicated in the Louvre, a brewery in the Arena of Nanterre), but Ducasse finally, Ducasse still, Ducasse’s ingenious to give meaning to the Seine, from the least to stage an appetite river, with a pretty figure of yacht electrical, crossing a pleasant kitchen of circumstance.

The dish not to let pass by: the cockpot of vegetables, roots and fruits of the season.

Ducasse-sur-Seine. Port Debilly (Xvi). Tel.: 01 58 00 22 08.Menus: 95 to 250 €.

For a few plates of more…

In the pleasure of the rab’, here are ten tables over, who, each in their own way, deserve their place at the final banquet.

Best of the spirit in the caviar: Petrosian (13, bd. de la Tour-Maubourg, Vii).

Best “back in the Xvi”: Zebra (3, place Clément Ader, Xvi).

Best “popula-bobo”: the road To Good Wines (54, rue Godefroy Cavaignac, Xi).

the Best “food-short”: according to his tribe, the Ground Control (81, rue de Charolais, Xii), Beaupassage (Vii) and the Spring of the Taste (Ninth).

Best tapas: Hugo & Co (48, rue Monge, Fifth).

Best bistronomique: Wild (55, rue du Cherche-Midi, Ve).

Best flat-sharing: Well-Crafted (51, bd. Voltaire, Xi).

Best move: Gaya de Gagnaire (6, rue de Saint-Simon, Vii).

Best new South: the Balkans Ibree Kitchen (9, rue de Mulhouse, IIe).

Best Costes: the restaurant at the Marigny Theatre (Carré Marigny, Viii).

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