Rare! The Alcazar, which was the temple of parisian evenings as early as 1968, when Jean-Marie Riviere and Marc Doelnitz there were performances transformistes and magazines a bit crazy, has survived. Thirty years later, the rich English designer sir Terence Conran took it, opening it, behind a façade Seventeenth century, a restaurant with spectacular. And since, it works, thanks to a wonderful man, a gentleman, Michel Besmond, skillful and pleasant manager.

Better yet, the Alcazar has taken a fresh look at the end of 2015, by entrusting the young and brilliant interior architect Laura Gonzalez care of him a makeover, while retaining its soul.

The Alcázar has become an amazing garden surrounded by a mezzanine, fully vegetated, dominated by a canopy perched very high. At lunch, the place is incredibly bright. Despite the vastness of the room, there are corners and nooks. This brewery is not like any other. The Alcazar is a place that is chic and seductive, fashionable, as well as, in the evening, at the end of the week, on the mezzanine-virgin forest, you can enjoy cocktails and dancing.

A former Taillevent, Guillaume Lutard, offers a map-brasserie-modern and neat. I came to a simple chicken-mashed potatoes and I really enjoyed it. The midi, it works. The dish costs 27 €, wine included. And the starter-main course-dessert, 41 € (with a glass of wine). The menu: ceviche of seabass spicy, guacamole, croutons, sesame ; burrata, beet the old, half-lobster parisienne ; white asparagus from the Landes. Dish: ravioli of mushrooms, asparagus, arugula, and peas ; and cod with wild roasted parsnip puree ; prawns, avocado, mango ; steak fried. The omelette Norwegian is still the queen of desserts.

Lunch at the Alcazar, it’s like going to the museum. The place is unique and the service, excellent. Quite a change of scenery.

The Alcazar, 62, rue Mazarine, Paris Life( Map: about 60 €.
Brunch on Sunday. Open every day.


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