Sacred mix of genres that combine navy blue and brown on a same outfit, or even on the same garment. It is true that the two colors are registers rather opposed to it. The first is a colour rather urban, which suits to overcoats and costumes.

conversely, the second is better suited to the campaign and to sportswear: ideal for pants
velvet or parkas cotton oiled. The associate is, therefore, to find a new spirit, got rid of the old opposition of the wardrobe of british tradition. While the 1990s had seen a certain amount of formality to prevail (loafers with tassels, ties club, suspenders, blazers crusaders, etc),
the new sportswear in the 2000s appeals to men who are leaving the harmonies to classic. While it remains difficult to make the costume for the gentlemen, the marriage of navy and brown, rather dark and discreet, proves to be convenient.

The manufacturers of ties, use it for clubs, it is perfect with the blazer. The clothiers seize
of this spirit, and make up sheets for the jackets. The most classic? On a background of dark brown, and a tile-navy window which accords with the pants in vogue: the john. Compose a background of closet
on these two colors allows a lot of maneuverability. The velour pants brown goes well with a pullover navy. And the blue pants with a Barbour chestnut. Of the brands, especially the Italian as Bogie, have understood the benefits of this linkage that allows many variations. Of parkas padded combine flannel navy blue and inserts a variety of suede brown. Finally, the mode of shoe in calf suede, small derbys or sneakers follows this movement.


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