The Rouergat means “that which comes from the Rouergue”, a former province of Midi corresponding to the current département of Aveyron. And what are the colors aveyron that defends Maxime Fabry with his burger champion of the Île-de-France, made from local products. It will be served from 19 April to may 19, in limited quantities (remember to book) in the restaurant of paris west, The Place to… (Xvii), at a price of 26€.

“This burger is a tribute to my family and my origins. All the ingredients are significant of the Aveyron: the deli from Rodez, the honey and the bee symbol of Laguiole, the smell of mint tea on the bread and the volume of Aubrac, a cheese that is rather neutral but the texture is round. These flavors are simple to create a perfect balance and are enhanced by the morel mushroom, the bacon and the acidity of the vinegar,” says the second, who has bet on the emotional side of her kitchen. By recalling his childhood memories, Maxime Fabry manages to create a real burger gastro to the ancient flavors.

country burger

For its 4th edition, the Cup of France of the Burger has crowned a national champion of the young Ardèche Anthony Verse. He also admits to having drawn on its history to create his own burger named Chaillet: “it is a tribute to my family and to my village.”

take ownership of this emblem of the american kitchen of the 1950s is the big trend of the moment. The country ham and butter, more than 1.2 billions of burgers are being sunk each year, more than the mythical sandwich. We see blooming around a bit of new original recipes, and are often inspired by French products and local traditions.

Restaurant is The Place to… 47, avenue of Wagram (Xvii). April 19 to may 19, 2019. Tel.: 01 45 74 79 28. Price: 26€.


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