once is not custom, let’s start with a bit of culture before the dish. And let us meditate upon this maxim of Luke of Hutches alias marquis de Vauvenargues, friend of Voltaire and brilliant moralist of the Eighteenth century. “It does not take much reflection to cook a chicken; and yet we see men who are all their life, bad des rôtisseurs.” This is certainly not the most inspired of his wide repertoire, but that which suits us best. As it is true that the chickens roasts that deserve to make you cross Paris are not legion. And even if the cooking methods are more precise than three centuries ago, the quality of the poultry is posed with even more acuity.

During an interview with the Figaro in 2010, the immense Paul Bocuse had said: “When I order a chicken, I don’t need the master of the hotel to talk to me about the grand-father of this one. The only question to ask is: “is It good?”.” Likely that person would no longer dared to serve him a specimen of the battery. Moreover, as we have seen in the course of this test, the pedigree of the volatile is almost always indicated on the maps of the selected restaurants. Gimmick of the time, but not only. In the same way that the rearing conditions, the terroir influence the flesh. And this is not Antoine Westermann, the winner of our list with its poultry from Challans to le Coq Rico, which we reasonably would contradict.A good roast chicken is the alchemy between a product of nice extraction and a competent leader. To him to enhance it with some sleight of hand they keep secret. In fact, if we are so demanding with this dish is that it is part of our gastronomic heritage. Who kept the heartfelt remembrance breakfast Sunday, where it sat on the table, all nice and tanned? More reason not to get fleeced at the restaurant.

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Test. to A BVA survey of 2015, devoted to the French and to the kitchen, brought out the roast chicken as the favorite dish of French (to 20.3%), just ahead of the duck breast (20.2 per cent) and seafood platters (from 19.9%). Other ratings more or less fanciful have since dethroned in favour of other specialities. However, it remains very present in the restaurants. A true panacea for singles, who can then enjoy their pestle darling without being forced to get the chicken at all meals. To establish this list, we selected fifteen addresses quality, combining the great classics (The Friend Louis, The Relais Plaza…) and new ones (Hen of Luxury, Well-Crafted, etc.).

Method. We enjoyed the chicken roasts, anonymously, during the two weeks preceding the date of issue, noting, according to a reading grid of a pre-established,

selected Criteria. They are four in number, marked each one differently, depending on their importance, for a final score out of 20. Be the place (ambiance, comfort, decorative, 3 points), the quality of the meat (tenderness, flavour, generosity, on 7 points), the gasket (choice, quantity, originality, 5 points) and, finally, the quality-price ratio (5 points). For each address, we have also indicated the piece proposed.

Results. Le Coq Rico, and her chicken from Challans sings clear! In the restaurant of the Eighteenth-dedicated to poultry in all its forms, Antoine Westermann makes beautiful pieces toast, as evidenced by the wall of pins, which puts you in appetite as soon as the door reached. He loves the chickens who have lived well, aged well, and… well cooked. We also!

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