It is the object…. plugged in at the time. The electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) has dusted off the image of the two-wheeler, and makes its use accessible to the greatest number. Its boom is a reality: 255 000 machines sold in 2017 in France, new records to be expected of figures 2018. Here it is everywhere: in the cities, along canals, in the middle of vineyards, in the mountain resorts. And in platoons on the morning of Sunday, become dubious in nature? He just came out with a machine of sublime beauty, the Pinarello Nytro, distributed in France since last autumn.

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Philippe Gruson

On this beast of a race of the Italian manufacturer whose LVMH became the largest shareholder in 2016, no index comparable to the seemingly ordinary of a VAE. Battery-visible or bottom bracket or rear hub protruding. Ah, if! This outgrowth of the down tube, very successful on the aesthetic level. Normal, a Pinarello must be elegant and racy, carrossé and powerful as a Ferrari. Hence, this model is the exact replica of the Dogma, the model, Tour de France ridden by six yellow t-Shirts in Paris since 2012.
“Pina-yellow,” it is said in the paddocks of cycling.

The Nytro features the signature geometric house, the envy of the competitors – front fork, curved and asymmetry of the rear triangle, details of which we recognize among all a Pinarello. But in order to meet the requirement of home, it was necessary that a new solution of electrically assisted to appear more compact, almost miniature. Under the down tube of the Nytro, a hatch welcomes technology (German) innovative support Fazua, cylinder 4 kilos which inserts engine (fixed) and battery (removable). The set connects to the bottom bracket. Atypical, discrete, efficient.

Claude Droussent Stéphane de Bourgies

On the road? Envious glances, some curious or even suspicious, because the power assistance remains a taboo in most sports. The softness of the system Fazua in managing the economy. Built-in technology, the Nytro weighs 13.5 kilos, this does not follow on the flat, a group that is travelling at over 30 km/h, without even having recourse to the first aid level (out of 4). And it avoids the suffering of the last few hundred meters of the lower coast. Little fun, finally, we sprinte mode “ boost ” under the noses of his friends in the last false flat at the end of four hours of road. For years now our legs, they no longer have any autonomy to the threshold.

This EAV is a must. First price: 6 500 eur. It is so beautiful. And it’s so good to pedal in the head, without forcing, on a ” Pina-yellow “…”

Claude Droussent is the author of a Very fine bicycle (Editions Gründ, 2018) and co-founder of the site

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