of course, it does not replace neither the vanilla nor the chocolate in our hearts frozen. Third-ranked favorite perfume of French, on a par with the lemon, in a Harris Interactive survey conducted for the delivery platform Deliveroo in July 2017, the ice pistachio reveals, however, a challenger of choice, which has the advantage of losing the ball to the whole family. Reason for which we focused on its best representatives in the capital: craftsmen glaciers, but also pastry chefs and chocolatiers, increasingly, many of which offer ice cream during the summer.

Excellent for the health (rich in vitamin B6, which is an anti-stress natural), fruit and nuts, it comes from Sicily or the Middle East, gives the ice cream a delicate light green color, which varies considerably depending on the addresses. In the same way as its taste, more or less pronounced, reflecting the personality and craftsmanship of artisans. Whether you decide or not …

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