The event. This year, the Festival of the history of art invites the nordic countries in Fontainebleau, france. This appointment is the opportunity to question contemporary art, the history, but also the tales of the nordic conferences, exhibitions and projections. The Swedish artist Peter Johansson will be, for example, be the guest of a round table on 8 June to 17 hours around his work located at the meeting of activism and the self-deprecating humor.

Festival of the history of art, from 7 to 9 June 2019 at Fontainebleau (77).

to schedule The appointment. In Sweden, it is important not to miss the summer event that is the Midsommar (the beginning of the summer). And to maintain this tradition, the Swedish Institute offers a great feast on the 21st of June, with the traditional flower crowns and dancing around a pole, accompanied in music by the festival’s programming.

“women speak out”, the Swedish Institute, 11 rue Payenne (Third), June 21, 2019.

Giulietta Masina in La Strada , by Federico Fellini, 1954. post Italy

The event. A sensitivity close and a mutual admiration, and yet, these two miracles have never met. The passion of the Italian film-maker for the Spanish painter is such that it intrudes even in his dreams in the form of visions. They then share many things in common (women, the circus, the Antiquity) which punctuate the exhibition.

“When Fellini dreamt of Picasso”, until July 28, 2019 at the Cinémathèque, 51 rue de Bercy (Xiith).

to schedule The appointment. If good number of theaters “Italian” are the pride of the capital, few of them pay homage to the theatre the alps. This is what makes Attilio Maggiulli, who has installed a jewel of a small stage in a former police station, where he defends the national directory. The Handkerchief of Marilyn Monroe Fabio Fabi, as it sets the scene, plays out until the end of June.

At the Comédie-Italienne, 17, rue de la Gaîté (Xiv).

The Romanian photographer Felicia Simion is on display at the Centquatre (XIX). Felicia Sovaiala Romania

The event. In the framework of the year France-Romania, Festival of young european photography focuses on the new creation of romania with a focus on four artists. The industrial landscape of Ioana Cirlig, portraits folk of Felicia Simion, or even the course slides of the 1970 proposed by Mihai and Horatiu Sovaiala are to discover in Paris before the festival goes to Bucharest (from June 19 to July 14, 2019).

“Circulation(s)”, at the Centquatre, 5 rue Curial (Xix), until 30 June 2019.

to schedule The appointment. In the registry of heritage, the Louvre welcomes the exceptional loan by Romania of the standard of Stephen the Great. This work, born of the legacy of the tradition of embroidery byzantine is the opportunity to focus on the quality of the collections of Romanian, little known in France.

“Embroidery of byzantine tradition in Romania of the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth century”, at the Louvre Museum (I) until 29th July 2019.

The Wild Strings Trio in concert at the Paris Prague Jazz Club (VI e). Jure Matoz The Czech Republic

The event. For lovers of the genre, the charming vaulted cellars of the Czech Centre will evoke the intimate atmosphere of the Caveau de la Huchette, which is in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Founded in 2001, the Paris Prague Jazz Club provides a once-a-week gig. The opportunity to discover the new generation of jazz(wo)men for a very affordable price, enjoying a good Czech beer.

Every fri. of 19 h to midnight at the Czech Centre in Paris, 18 rue Bonaparte (Life).

to schedule The appointment. Dare to the Czech literature. Meet one of its most eminent representatives, Bianca Bellova, for the translation of his book Nami .

Encounter, and readings, may 24, 2019 to 19 h at the Médiathèque Françoise-Sagan, 8, rue Léon-Schwartzenberg (Xe) ; and may 25, 2019 to 18 h, in the framework of the Night of literature, at the Bateau-Lavoir at Nicole Willemse, 2, rue d Orchampt (Xviii).

The Last Day of summer , Tadeusz Konwicki, 1958. Ostatni Poland

The event. council in the cinema of Martin Scorsese is that good to take. The american director has selected six masterpieces of the 7th art Polish, virtually impossible to find in trade or other cinemas, projected in France in the restored version. At the closing of the cycle, the projection of the first film of Tadeusz Konwicki: The Last Day of summer (1958). At the edge of the Baltic sea, on a deserted beach, the attraction strange between a man and a woman, both scarred by war.

Projection 18 June 2019 to Reflect Medicis, 3 rue Champollion (Ve).

to schedule The appointment. guided walks to follow in the footsteps of the Polish people in Paris. Or how to show the very strong link between the two peoples throughout history. The next takes place on June 8: “The rear-guard of the avant-garde: the Polish artists in Montparnasse at the beginning of the Twentieth century.”

Polish Institute, 31, rue Jean-Goujon (Viii).


The event. Already 27 editions of the festival of short films, franco-belgian, “The short says it all”. He sees compete in all categories (animation, fiction and experimental films) – film school or workshop, films produced or supported by the Centre for cinema and audiovisual of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. For the productions in competition, several awards (grand prix, prix du public, prix de la mise en scene, prix du scenario…) are to win. At the rate of 3 to 4 sessions per day, six programs of short films are for you to discover during this week very seventh item

Festival, “The short says it all”, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, 46, rue Quincampoix (IVe).

to schedule The appointment. A wonderful moment of poetry to address a terrible tragedy. The belgian company Zero Point, formed around the director Jean-Michel d’hoop, has made several trips to Chernobyl to develop its latest creation: The Grass of oblivion . Use the puppets to signify the write-offs and their impact on the last inhabitants of the disaster zone, here is the successful bet to the piece, winner of the press prize of the best show in Belgium.

Representation on may 25, 2019 20: 30 Gateways, 15-27, rue Saint-Clair, Pontault – Combault (77).


The event. When the two peintres germans meet in 1910, they share a common interest in the treatment of colour and perspective, and they discover that Gauguin and Cézanne, and that explodes in 1911 in their Almanac of the Blaue Reiter . A colorful dream interrupted by the First world War, during which the two painters engaged die. An adventure as prolific as intense.

“Franz Marc-August Macke. The adventure of the blue Rider” at the Musée de l’orangerie, jardin des Tuileries (Ier), until June 17, 2019.

to schedule The appointment. Formed in partnership between la Fémis and the film academy of Baden-Wurttemberg, the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris is a programme aimed at future producers, and distributors. At the end of their training, they are invited to make their own short films that will be at this event organised by the future talents of the cinema of the franco-German.

At the Goethe-Institute 17, avenue d’iéna (XVIe), June 4, 2019.


The event. Facet staple of hellenistic culture, the Greek dance is very present in Paris. With the association Nisiotis, which organizes two days of traditional dances. Or through the academy Parthenon, with a strong ensemble of 40 dancers and one hundred members, who provide regular choreography costume of great quality. Next representation on 22 may and 2 June, with the choir Greek Euterpe, on the ” mestizaje Greek to the four corners of Europe.

The Theatre of the town hall of the Ninth , 6 rue Drouot.

to schedule The appointment. A meeting with the author Maria Efstathiadi is organised at the BNF in the context of a carte blanche to writers, Greek translators. That has translated Marivaux, Robbe-Grillet and who is the author of Hotel rouge (Ed. Quidam 2018) waits for you to evoke its relationship to the two languages.

June 6, 2019 at the BNF, quai François-Mauriac (Xiii).

Vilhelm Hammershoi, Interior with woman placing branches in a vase (detail), 1900. Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Denmark

The event. is Still too little known in France, the Danish painter, champion of austerity for some, a poet of the vacuum for other, is exhibited at the Musée Jacquemart – André. We can see his female portraits, landscapes pastel, but especially its now-famous paintings of interiors in which the human glow-often by their absence.

“Hammershoi, the master of the painting Danish”, until 22 July 2019 at the Musée Jacquemart-André, 158, bd Haussmann (VIIIe).

to schedule The appointment. On an air of jazz, Nikolaj Hess is inspired by Hammershoi for creating compositions and soundscapes. With melodies improvised or prepared, it puts in the honor the Danish painter surrounded by Anders Christensen on bass and Mikkel Hess on drums.

may 25, 2019 at the Maison du Danemark, 142, avenue des Champs-Elysées (VIIIe).


The event. It is necessary to book now. To open its season at the Philharmonic, the Orchestre de Paris hits hard. Program are Richard Wagner (prelude to Lohengrin ; Wesendonck-Lieder ), Maurice Ravel ( Daphnis and Chloe, Suite no. 2 ) and Béla Bartok, and the pride of Hungary, with its Concerto for orchestra . The training will be led by the head of american Karina Canellakis. A wand to monitor.

The 4 and 5 September, 2019 20: 30 at the Philharmonie de Paris. 221, avenue Jean-Jaurès (Xix).

to schedule The appointment. After the classics, the young shoots. In the Hungarian Institute, the concert of French music and the Hungarian given by the “virtuosos of the new generation”. Adam Szokolay, piano, and François Pineau-Benois, on the violin, have only 23 years old but a talented fool.

may 31, 2019 to 20 h Institute of the Hungarian , 29, rue Bonaparte (VI e ).

Flavors lusitaniennes at the BHV (IV e). cc Portugal

The event. in The heart of Paris, Portugal. Since the beginning of may, the first floor of the Bazaar of the Town hall takes the accents in Portuguese. Five themes are found in ray: the nature, the ocean, the sun, music and flavours. Brands, creators and authors of Portuguese redraw the scene, fashion accessories at the delicatessen.

Until June 25, 2019 at the BHV Marais. 52, rue de Rivoli (IVe).

to schedule The appointment. Behind the Pantheon remains one of the last bookstores Portuguese of France, who are trying hard to defend the literature of Portuguese-speaking. This may 24, between 11 a.m. and noon, there is organized a conference on “The voyage of Magellan” by Michel Chandeigne, specialist of the great discoveries and master of the house. What better way to experience Portugal than to start from its golden age…

At the Bookstore Portuguese & brazilian, 21, rue des Fossés-Saint-Jacques (Ve).

Tomi Ungerer, Collage , 2018 Tomi Ungerer in Ireland

The event. .Irish adoption, Alsatian origin, Tomi Ungerer, who disappeared last February, symbolizes the link between the two countries. Children’s author, poet of the erotic, publicist of the american golden age, the author of the Three Thieves and Jean de la Lune does not fit into any box. To understand this artist never irreverent, discover his works sixties and his latest collages with the exhibitions “In the meantime” and “Overdose”.

Until July 5, 2019 at the irish cultural Centre, 5 rue Irish (Fri). And up to may 25, 2019 at the galerie G.-P. Vallois, 33, rue de Seine (VIe).

to schedule The appointment. , gaelic football, quèsaco? A ufo typically Irish , which mixes rugby fifteen, handball, football and that starts to venture beyond the Celtic sea. Learn with the Paris Gaels GAA, and find the irish community in Paris.


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