Guillaume Sanchez

The head. He had hair less long, but already a lot of tattoos and this deep look that he wears in all circumstances. Even if it was eliminated mid-way in season 8, Guillaume Sanchez has undeniably marked the contest by his personality and his universe, even seem out of place with this program of consensus. Which was not to displease him!

The resto. During the issue, he is the chief of Nomos, table Xviii, which annoyed her as much as she was with its plates modernists. In 2018, it closes Nomos and opens Neso. There, he pushes even further away the cursor, playing with the tastes, the textures, the fermentations over the tasting menus of seven and nine (soon to be twelve). Recently, for example, this was an ultra-graphic panna cotta, squid, grains of caviar and potato water. Of saint-jacques dried, pulsed to the languages of sea urchins, onions, fermented on the skins and eggs of smoked herring. Or even a piece of …

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