The Train Bleu, disappeared on December 9, 2007, still dream. Paris-Ventimiglia, along the sea in the end of course, mythical restaurant, head chef at edge, first-class service… today, he remains that his name, affixed, since 1963, on the beautiful restaurant of the gare de Lyon. The buffet of the station was opened in 1901 by the president of the Republic, Emile Loubet. In 1972, several rooms of the Blue Train was classified as a historical monument by André Malraux. In breakfast, lunch, contemplating the dazzling styles of Belle Epoque and neo-baroque. The restaurant is decorated with canvases painted between July 1900 and march 2001 by 27 artists. In the great hall (Réjane), the ceiling reaches 8 m in height. It recognizes, among others, the portraits of the 3 “regulars” of the place, Sarah Bernhardt, Réjane, and Edmond Rostand.

The above client, 3 chandeliers, monumental, of a ton each, stucco ceilings and opulent with gilding. A unique setting to enjoy the beautiful cuisine of Michel Rostang, owner of the premises from the end of 2018. The great classic French cuisine is back, with service in the dining room, buckling, and cut-outs. The Blue Train has found its superb. Michel Rostang has transferred to the Blue Train some of the featured dishes of its 2 stars: the roast leg of lamb, sliced in front of you, accompanied by the potatoes au gratin, without the cheese, nor eggs, and poultry from Bresse with cream and fresh tarragon. On input, the chopped menu sea bream and saint-jacques nearby with the pâté in a crust of wild game and duck foie gras. Also turbot grilled beurre blanc, filet of beef to the pan, omelette surprise surge to the Chartreuse, etc., The service is very attentive.

A great leader in the decoration sumptuous and unique, the atmosphere is amazing, it is important not to miss the Train Blue risen.

The Train Bleu, gare de Lyon, place Louis-Armand, Paris Xii(
Card: 95 € (3 courses, without drinks). Menu: 110 € (including wine), 65 €, 49 €. Bar with catering. Open every day.


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