Renewed current 2015, the Series 7 is already a part of the oldest models of the range of the manufacturer from munich. Under the cycle of life and renewal of the products, several models of other series launched after the flagship of the fleet BMW are now more sophisticated technically. To say that the Series 7 was starting to date would probably be a little extreme, but she needed to primp to resume his role of ambassador of the brand and at the same time to confront a competition which is not the type to cross the arms.

The lights and the rear fascia has been slightly retouched. BMW

It is as well as the Series 7 folds up to the evolution of the style BMW, which started with the coupe 8-Series and the X7. Most visible sign of a design in mutation: the radiator grille typical of BMW is expanding by 40% compared to the old version. It impinges now on the bonnet, heavily sculpted and brought to 50 mm. The front grille is redesigned and it houses the side air vents outlined in chrome. The limousine of the bavarian manufacturer adopts LED spotlights adaptive widely refined. They can equip the laser technology as an option. The stern has also benefited from its share of changes. It gains in elegance with its lights tridimentionnels 35 mm thinner, and its module chrome refined. The exhaust nozzles of have also been revised and they are much better integrated.

The exclusive designs, such as the M760Li xDrive equipped with the V12, develop a new design of nappa leather. BMW

inside, the dashboard retains the current drawing, but it should be noted that the arrangement of the buttons of the steering wheel has been redesigned. The infotainment system receives the latest version Professionnal 7.0, offering a more neat and numerous possibilities for personalization. New interior trim and materials make their appearance and help to raise the status of the limo of BMW. At the rear, depending on the versions and finishes, passengers can have either standard or optional for the multimedia displays of 10 inches.

screens for rear passengers are optional. BMW

The program engine has been extensively revised to confirm to the new requirements for clean-up. The V12 petrol of the M760Li xDrive adopts a particle filter; the gas v-8 in the 750i now issues the a whopping 530 horsepower. As for the three mechanical six-cylinder diesels, they display a respective output of 265 hp, 320 hp and 400 hp. The latest version 750d is still four turbochargers. Finally, the version plug-in hybrid benefits from the latest developments of the group. Now called 745e, this electrified version sharing its technology with the X5 xDrive45e presented recently. The four-cylinder engine of the old version 740e is replaced by a six-cylinder in-line 3-litre direct injection petrol 286 hp. Associated with an electric engine of 113 horsepower, this model delivers a combined power of 394 horsepower. If the performance is of an excellent level (0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds), the CO2 emissions manage to stay below 50 g/km (48 g/km), which corresponds to a consumption registered to 2.1 l/100 km. These figures, flattering the result of a battery range of up to according to the manufacturer, 58 km when the batteries are charged. The 745e is also capable of pushing spikes up to 140 km/h, in the silence of electric propulsion. In these terms, silence should be golden since the 7 Series gets a glazed side glass acoustic. Side equipment, the limousine of BMW receives the latest refinements in the field of assistance to the conduct and systems of autonomous control. Finally, the system is Park Assist, which from now on the wizard of hindsight, is now part of the standard equipment.

revised and corrected, the new BMW 7 Series boasts of side windows with acoustic glass. BMW


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