The S 1000 RR is a machine designed for fanatics in the world of motorcycling. This machine is of high precision, designed exclusively for the performance, is powered by a 4-cylinder engine of 207 horses screaming up to 14 600 rounds/minute. A real race bike, which is to pay its capabilities: its price starts at 19 eur 200.

With such a technical sheet, the S 1000 RR seems to be more comfortable on the track as on the road. BMW is well aware of this, and intends to propose new modes of conduct intended to use on the track. They will appear on the options list of the German sports from next September, under the name of “iRace Kit”. These programs have nothing conventional about it, since it is of driving modes stand-alone.

If one selects one of the 4 modes available with the iRace Kit, let the machine control the accelerator, brakes, gearbox and steering. The driver will be so taken by the bike as if he was a passenger. The first program, named “Beginner”, is designed to lead beginners who have little or no experience on circuit. According to BMW, it would be possible in the best of cases to achieve a lap time of eight seconds from the record of the track.

The “Sportsman” will allow the machine to brake later and accelerate more abruptly, to get closer to a time just 5 seconds slower than the record for the circuit. The program “Advanced”, designed for the experienced drivers, should be able to propel you 1.5 seconds of the best time achieved on the route.

Finally, The last mode is called “Unlimited”, will require a well-trained pilot with a good physical condition, as well as quality tires. It should allow the S 1000 RR to get even closer to the best performance ever achieved on the circuit in which it is located. There is no doubt that the fact of being led by a motorcycle seemingly gifted with a will of its own, like crazy on a circuit, the risk of terrorizing more than one.

But the real problem is elsewhere. The autonomous control is his interest in the daily commute or on the endless highways where one remains constantly at the same speed. Or in situations boring, which may decrease the driver’s attention. But driving on a track generally don’t leave the driver time to wander, and represents an immense source of pleasure for the followers of the steering.

Then what good is it to leave the hand to a robot at the time the most exciting? The pride of the driver is not dropping the stopwatch after many laps of the track, made to fine-tune its trajectory and its control of the machine? Certainly, we can consider this iRace Kit as a simple gadget to try something new from time to time. Remains to be seen how much will be charged for all this wasted technology.

If you select one of the 4 modes available with the iRace Kit, let the machine control the accelerator, brakes, gearbox and steering. BMW


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