You can always have the tooth hard against the hamburger, the French ate almost 1.5 billion in 2017. This is 14 times what it was ten years ago, a time when the ham-butter was still a future crispy. And now today, the best-seller of chains of fast-food is only one bite of our sandwich habs. The reason for this? The famous casse-dalle in the US, with his bread, his meat, and cheese, includes three basic products of our food franchouillarde, not the soft belly. This a la carte food trucks such as bistros, it is creative and is often favoured for the ingredients of our regions by focusing on the PDO: toma
Savoie raw milk (the Belphegor of Big Fernand), saint-nectaire (the Michelin of King Marcel), camembert de Normandie cheese from fromagerie Réo (the Cam Blend Hamburger), sainte-maure-de-touraine (Goat Creek Burger Joint), reblochon for the Jean-Paul D Mamie Burger, just opened a sixth address in paris, at the heart of the Montorgueil district.

” VIDEO – And the best burger of France is…

Some brands go even further by proposing to “burgeriser” a classic of French cuisine. If the Rossini with duck foie gras remains a staple of the Bocuse Original Counter, we discover, at Ellis Gourmet Burger, the Rebel Pulled beef (pictured): beef bourguignon, revisited by the chef Guillaume Sanchez.

the Same spirit gourmand at The Butcher, where the recipe in the Friedland associates a steak of veal with a duxelles of mushrooms with truffle and Craftsman of the Burger, where Eric Robert (MOF) has created the Place Vendome (from 1 December) consisting of a minced duck sauce miso cooked on the plancha and sprinkled with sesame seeds, a slice of foie gras, tempura of red onions, sauce porto with truffle oil black, trumpets-of-dead and porcini mushrooms… More appetizing than the version in vegan with steak, veggie and organic vegetable cheese.


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