At the top of the hill, Sololaki, “Kartlis Deda” mother of the Georgian people, embraces a motherly gaze Tbilisi, its capital. Cup of wine in one hand, sword in the other, the gigantic statue in aluminum captures the soul of this country wedged between Russia and the Middle East: the sense of hospitality and a fierce attachment to his freedom. Almost thirty years after the end of the soviet system and ten years after the last war, which was in contrast to Moscow, the small republic of the former USSR sees tourists pouring in. The French in particular have been convinced to return since the election last November of a president born in france, direct flights from Paris and a dolce vita all caucasian. “Thanks to the flights with low-cost, one can easily find a formula attractive to spend a long weekend in Tbilisi,” says Djaffar Razkallah, product manager at Nouvelles frontieres, who has just set up there.

It is a true gateway to the Persian, whose culture permeates the city since the high Antiquity.

Difficult to find the marks of the yoke of the soviet union. The grands boulevards, stalinist – including …

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