Two to three strokes of the steering wheel in the ascent of an alpine pass are better than a long speech. This long, winding road shows how much the Cayenne was not as sporty as imagined. Or rather that he had a good margin of progression. The evidence is provided by this declension simply decked out the suffix “Cut”.

The sensations were never as close as the wheel of a 911. A compliment on a great SUV, admitting that more than 2 tons on the scale. The movements of squat under acceleration, and dive during braking are completely annihilated. The big 4 × 4, show a beautiful neutral, and one gets quickly to the game.

Why Porsche has said it expected the third generation to bewitch the Cayenne? With a hint of mischief, the builder explained to us that the best way to discourage clients to go elsewhere after several Cayenne was to invent this variant. After the BMW X6, Mercedes GLE Coupe, Audi Q8, so it is the turn of the German manufacturer of sports cars take part in the adventure.

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On the same basis as the Cayenne, the Coupe surprises at first glance with its line of flag down from the driver’s head to form a tailgate is very sloped with a spoiler, like on any cut. The Cut extends from 21 mm (29 mm for the Turbo) and lowered by 20 mm compared to his brother. From the windshield more curved, the entire body is different. Pathways back expanded 18 mm were imposed to redesign the doors and the wings of which the shoulder is more pronounced. These changes give it a quite different appearance. A rear spoiler that deploys from 135 mm from the end of the tailgate above 90 km/h and the wheels are equipped with 20 to 22 inches depending on the version and the options complete classify this SUV in the sport category.

inside, navigating through the infotainment system, such as a smartphone or a tablet. Porsche

The Coupe is first and foremost a Cayenne and this is true on the inside. The identical layout is based on an instrumentation partially – to-digital tachometer located in the center remains to be needle -, a wide central console and a tablet device, 12.3-inch as screen information. Navigating through the infotainment system, such as a smartphone or tablet, by scrolling the finger on the touch screen. Shortcut keys installed at the foot of the console also allows access directly to the desired menu. By pinching the screen with two fingers, you can also enlarge the window of the screen. Practice for the navigation that is permanently connected with the outside world. The system obtains information about road conditions (fog, slowdown, accident) thanks to the data collected and transmitted by other vehicles with the traffic situation and roads.

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The spirit Cut off sweats through the architecture of the four-seat individual. Families of five persons are not excluded: a bench seat is available without extra charge. In order to preserve height under the flag of correct and continue to welcome large sizes in spite of the shape of the roof, the seat back is lowered by 30 mm and the inclination of the folders can be modulated from 11 to 29 degrees. The design of the rear window steals the boot of 150 liters but with 625 litres, it has a loading volume is more than enough.

Of the series, the immense panoramic glass roof of 2.16 m2 flood of light on the two rows and contributes to the warm atmosphere. It is also possible to opt for a carbon roof that cancels the weight of the Cut by winning 21 kg and lowering the centre of gravity (+ 13.320 €). As always with Porsche, the invoice flambera quickly by drawing in the vast list of options. In the field of upholstery, we recommend the sport seats, the only ones to guarantee a good lateral support, and finish mixing leather and fabric pied-de-poule, which is redolent of nostalgia, reminiscent of the interior of the 911 in the 1960s.

The program is modelled on that of the Cayenne but the pack Sport Chrono is standard. The range culminates with the bi-turbo V8 4-liter 550 hp. He enjoys the deactivation of the cylinders under two conditions: under 3000 r/min and less than 235 Nm of torque. The acceleration is impressive. The 100 km/h is achieved in 3.9 seconds. The times are instantaneous, but rhythmic, a stamp artificial big american. And a long, winding road gives fast spinning. This Turbo model leaps from one turn to another at the speed of lightning, bites the rope a slight move of the steering wheel, but the train before encumbered from the big V8 reduces the pleasure. Any problems with the Coupe’s charged 5520 € more than the Cayenne S. The sound of the V6 twin turbo 440 hp responds to the idea that one has of a sports car and the agility is at the rendezvous.

To wrap the turns and the pins in the manner of a 911, it will be necessary to add, however, the adaptive damping PASM as standard, the rear wheels guidelines (+ 2064 €), the active anti-roll (+ 3300 €) and the variable distribution of the torque on the rear axle (+ 1500 €). The comfort often put to the test at low speed on a roadway gradient, especially with the wheels 21 or 22 inches, will deserve the intake of the pneumatic suspension (+ 2154 €). This brings us to the prices stratospheric, but we can already enjoy the sensations of the sports Coupe from 85.737 € with the V6 turbo 340 hp.

Our opinion

What will happen to the sports coupe? The question arises down the Cayenne Coupe. The sensations are close to a 911, and offers premium amenities of a big SUV. This vehicle hit the road, devours the turns. It is consistent with the idea that we have of an SUV Porsche. The right choice will no doubt be the version plug-in hybrid is planned for the end of the year and enjoys numerous tax benefits.

Under the hood

Engine: Displacement 2894 cm3. Type: V6 biturbo Power: 440 ch de 5 700 6 600 tr/min Torque: 550 Nm from 1 800 to 5 500 r/min Transmission Type: Full Transmission: Auto. 8 report Dimensions/weight L/w/h: 4 931 × 1 983 × 1 676 mm Safe: 625 litres Weight: 2 050 kg Performance 0-100 km/h: 5 seconds Speed: 263 km/h Consumption/emissions Mixed EU: 9.2 l/100 km CO2: 212 g/km

Price: 101.817 €


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