The large vases white of the dining room, signed Guillaume Bardet. Jacques Giaume

The fashion designer Andrew GN is a man full of surprises. This collector of ceramics plus tables and furniture signed have chosen to live in one of the most popular areas of the Ninth district. This gourmand appreciates the surrounding restaurants and the bakery on the corner of the street. But his apartment, to him, is the gallery art, if we judge by the quality of the material gathered. “I spent part of my childhood in our family property of Singapore, where my grandparents were building up the porcelain of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries. They had a dozen services table as we no longer use today. My father was also a great collector.”

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A lover who did not hesitate to buy paintings of Soulages from the 1970s, who owned works of the great chinese masters of the period between the two world wars, the porcelain of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries. He took his young son to the eye in the auction rooms london where, at the time, one could find a bowl imperial chinese for 300 pounds. “Today, this is worth a fortune. My parents were eccentric and quite liberal. With us, everything was splendid but it was a life that is no longer current today. This has instilled in me a passion for art and ceramics.”

In the library, a ceramic dish 1960’s. Jacques Giaume

evidenced By the succession of vases, bowls, sculptures, the layout cleverly orchestrated, that invade the furniture, the shelves, the fireplaces, and even the dark wooden floors. The man has some talent for mixing genres. From the entrance, the tone is set: a piece of furniture of the Eighteenth Italian welcomes a salt shaker of Jean Derval 1960s, three vases, signed in the same time, a candlestick Naja, Swedish work of the 1970s.

Andrew GN head-to-head with a vase-white-blue-black Bengt Lindstrom. GN

in The living room, the look of twirls of a sculpture, a lemon-yellow all-in-convolutions of Merete Rasmussen to candle holders sirens of the 1950s Jouve hung on the wall. Echoing a large vase white-black-blue-Bengt Lindstrom, chair of the american designer Vladimir Kagan Andrew GN coat with a leather in yves Klein blue. On the fireplace, a rhino Lalanne keeps company with two ceramic red, one of Takis, a Greek artist, the other of Chambost. There, a grasshopper, a fish very graphic of the same John Derval, and then again and again accumulations by colors or types of objects.

“Buy what you love, not what is in fashion”

In the dining room, devoted to ceramics pristine, two huge vases white tall two-metre-signed Guillaume Bardet seem sure, like soldiers at attention, on the table of the Italian architect Gio Ponti. But it is probably in the library associations, the most daring took place. The vases vietnamese of the Twelfth century is very friendly african art, ceramics and chinese at the venerable age make the eye for the Danish from the 1950s-60s and still a procession of parts of a turquoise blue, indefinable, vase, yellow, and black, guest star of a Tati film, the Primavera of the 1930s, the goddesses of hell… Not a corner of the apartment does not escape this passion, devouring space.

On the mantelpiece, from left to right, large vase amphora of John Van Dongen, jug and yellow vase “Corolla” Pol Chambost, statuette Mumuye and Lamp zoomorph of Dalou. Jacques Giaume

“The collections are in these times where things are not current. My father has a lot purchased after the war, before the prosperity. Me, I stayed true to the principle of to acquire what I like, not what is fashionable.” Its taste is the fact that wandering on the side of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries and, at the same time, to the Twentieth century and the creations of contemporary artists today. “When I arrived in Paris, there are twenty-five years of age (not even 30 years old, editor’s NOTE), I went to the large galleries that the chips,” he noted, still amused by the finds that he has been able to do, with 50 francs in his pocket, on the stalls of Vanves. Pieces by Jacques and Dani Ruelland, Jean Derval…

Installed in front of a screen of Zoé Ouvrier, a sculpture of a lemon-yellow of Merete Rasmussen. GN

The contemporaries of Georges Jouve, a master in the field of which he has several works. “I had knowledge about ceramics and the chinese and English because I grew up in these countries. But I have learned a lot from great dealers such as Anne-Sophie Duval, a specialist in the Twentieth century, whose gallery was in the place of the shop of Dries Van Noten, but also with the decorator Madeleine Castaing’s rue Jacob. These two great ladies have forged my taste. The beauty is the engine of my life.” And the ceramic has not finished to reveal all of its facets. “The art of fire is one of the most complicated, the craftsman does not have the hand on this item. I have many ceramics, chinese monochromes, whose name translated is “Mutation in the oven”, not to mention Robin’s egg turquoise dotted small dots. They are born of an accident of cooking. This unpredictable excites me.”


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