today heavily taxed and sometimes exiled from the city centres, the heavy oil is no longer in the odor of sanctity with the public authorities. In France, the actions of the government against the diesel has seriously impacted the market. This type of drive mechanism does, in fact, more than 34.5% of the mix of new vehicle sales in the first quarter of 2019, compared to 72.9% in 2012. One might think that the diesel is on its last legs, but according to a study of the Argus, it seems to be otherwise.

The Argus has surveyed its users who have replaced their diesel-powered vehicle for a gasoline-only counterparts, in order to learn more about their experience. It is observed that 68.3 per cent of respondents were surprised by a gasoline consumption of excessive. Among them, only 18.7 percent said that their next mount will roll when even the lead-free. Others wish to try the experiment of the hybrid or all-electric (20.8 per cent) but the majority entrust want to go back to the good old diesel (28.8 per cent).

An SUV blends better with a diesel engine. tibo

But how is it that the petrol cars are so ravenous? A litre of lead-free, for a start, displays a lower energy density than diesel fuel, namely a 9.4 kWh per litre only, as against 10.7 per kWh for its counterpart supplying the diesel engines. Second point, the groups running on lead-free usually offer a couple lower at low rpm, which requires them to seek further in the start-up phases, with a prejudice for the consumer all the more important that the vehicle is heavy.

In this case, the park is a French car it does little to relief. The SUV, which represent today the heart of the market with 37.1% of the mix of new vehicle sales for the first 4 months of 2019, which is displayed in a higher weight of 50 to 100 kg compared to a sedan of the same segment. Not to mention the wide wheels and large diameter between more rolling resistance, as well as a greater height of 10 to 20 cm is detrimental to the penetration in the air at high speed. Adopt a gasoline engine on this type of vehicle could be very expensive in fuel.

within a great builder, a source of the Argus says that about 20% of the SUV’s essence is leased by individuals in contract LOA return prematurely at the dealership due to excessive consumption. The fact that the petrol engines drink without moderation is also due to the replacement of large blocks air by small groups overfed. This process, called downsizing, quickly finds its limits. If the engine is not being sought and that the turbo is at rest, nothing to report, but when we need power consumption flies away suddenly.

Attention, one cannot say that the diesel is a perfect solution: the purchase price of a car running on diesel is about 1,500 euros more expensive than a petrol model, and servicing is also more expensive. For a city-dweller, therefore, it is more appropriate to turn to the lead-free. In the case of an owner of the SUV, or someone who rolls more than 20 000 kilometres per year, the diesel remains unbeatable question of profitability.

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