the 31st edition of The Dinner in white in paris, held on Thursday 6 June, did not go as planned. Everything had started well. As in other years, after registering, the guests were co-opted had been received via SMS the route by steps leading to the garden of the Tuileries from the left bank. But, as soon 21h, the park entrance is blocked by guards, preventing many participants from entering the area. The guests, having been able to enter are requested to leave the premises and the “dinner” is divided into two: some of the guests settling near the Carrousel du Louvre, the other on the place de la Concorde, at the other end of the garden.

A first in the history of the Dinner in white

Held without authorization, the Dinner in white has all the years of tolerance of the Prefecture of Police, since its first edition in 1988, as a result of his organization is quasi-military and a code of good manners. But the place chosen this year resulted in a failure. “We took the risk of wanting to install in such a site. It was verified, in principle, the garden closes at 23 hours from the 1st of June”, was surprised to find Aymeric Pasquier, the son of the founder, to our confreres of the Paris . “It’s part of the game to invest in places without permission. We accept (this prohibition, ed ), even if we regret,” he also commented to the AFP.

About 10,000 people were expected to attend this year, including 3,000 from abroad. The white tide winning tables, chairs and food has, therefore, turned back and found a place of retreat to save the festive spirit of the event. Last year, the Dinner in white was attended by about 17,000 participants on the esplanade des Invalides, setting a record for its thirtieth edition.


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