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Welcome in a decor of postcard made of tall grasses dried up by the sun, water points, surrounded by greenery, of the mountains that dominate the trails that the animals may pass in a relaxed position…

Kruger national park

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With 147 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds, the capacity for wonder is at its height in the Kruger park, a must for a safari in South Africa! The countless roads that run through the biggest zoo of the country are passable with his own vehicle. Leopards, lions, elephants… of the panels indicate the locations where the animals iconic to have been spotted: ideal for setting up his itinerary for the next day. The plains of the central part is ideal for the observation of cheetah. As for the elephants, they often spend hours at the least hot to cool off on the banks of the rivers. To the south, the landscape is more hilly, and the traveller, a guest, appreciative and caring, enjoys moments of magic gone to spy out a black rhino or a lion cub.

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Safari in the Kruger park 10 days | 7 nights

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Attached to the Kruger park (and accessible by private plane!), Sabi Sand Game Reserve is certainly the private reserve the most famous in the country, and one of the most exclusive. Safari at dawn, the time when the animals are most active in the 65 000 ha of bush between the river Sand and the Sabie, walking in the savanna accompanied by a ranger to come close to the local flora and birds, aperitif served in the bush at sunset, dinner around a camp fire in the boma… safaris, luxury punctuated exceptional experiences await here the visitor, which has not only excellent chances of getting nose to nose with the famous “Big Five”, but also with endangered species such as wild dogs or cheetahs.

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Animals of Africa and beaches of the Seychelles 13-day | 10 nights

The reserve of Hluhluwe

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verdant Valleys, Hluhluwe, connected by a natural corridor to umfolozi game reserve, is one of the most beautiful reserves in South Africa and competes without a doubt with the giant Kruger. It is for the conservation of the white rhino that this protected area installed in the territory of zulu, formerly a hunting ground by royal of king Shaka, became world-famous in the 50’s. It concentrates today more than 2 000 heads of 90% of the world’s population of white rhinos! The Big Five, cheetahs and antelopes are tracking safaris in 4X4, or the elegant giraffe to the slender neck standing out against the rising sun…

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Animals of Africa and beaches of the Seychelles

The reserve of Madikwe

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Located on the border of Botswana in the extreme north of the country, Madikwe Game Reserve spans approximately 75 000 hectares of savannah and rolling hills, between the hills and rivers, a few hours from Johannesburg. Although it is the 4th reserve in South Africa by its surface, it is less known, so less crowded. This allows you to browse its beautiful landscapes and in the detection of herbivores, such as predators in exceptional circumstances, on safari accompanied by a ranger, professional respectful ensure a certain degree of tranquility to the animals and the best of the contemplations. Here again we meet the impressive Big Five, and the joy of the children facing their first lion roar is indescribable!

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Draw me a giraffe 9 J | 7 N

The reserve Mthethomusha

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There are places in Africa where leopards, rhino, elephant and buffalo all live in perfect harmony with ancient tribes such as the Bushmen. Their inheritance, consisting of more than 250 rock paintings of San, estimated at 1 500 years old, depicting scenes from life of the savannah, is a priceless treasure. The conservation reserve Mthethomusha, 8 000 hectares located in the south-western border of the Kruger national park, is one of those unique places. Here we are in a mountainous ecosystem, and is immersed in the universe animal, guided by rangers who are passionate and experienced, which focus on the fauna and flora rich and varied.

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At the heart of the animal kingdom 13 D | 10 N

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